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ChatGPT And SAP: Risks or Opportunities?

By the way, what is ChatGPT again?

ChatGPT is a language model based on the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) architecture developed by OpenAI. It is a computer program that uses natural language processing algorithms to understand the meaning of sentences and questions and to provide coherent and appropriate answers in real-time.

What are the opportunities and risks associated with using ChatGPT with SAP?

What are the potential risks of using AI in enterprise applications like SAP?

  • AI errors: AI has made considerable progress but is not infallible and can make errors that could have negative consequences on the decisions made by the company;
  • Potential biases in AI: AI algorithms can be biased due to the training data used to train them;
  • The issue of data privacy: The use of AI often involves the collection and processing of large amounts of data. This data must be processed securely to avoid any breach of confidentiality;
  • High cost: Developing and implementing AI systems can be expensive and a barrier for small and medium-sized businesses.

And the potential opportunities?

  • Improving efficiency: AI can help businesses automate repetitive processes and make decisions faster, improving business efficiency.
  • Personalization: AI can help businesses offer personalized products and services to their customers by using collected data to provide recommendations tailored to individual needs.
  • Advanced data analytics: AI can help businesses analyze large amounts of data to identify trends and patterns that might be difficult to detect otherwise.
  • Innovation: AI can help businesses develop new products and services by using technological advances to meet customer needs more effectively and efficiently.

More generally for leaders and managers?

AI and, in particular, ChatGPT can significantly impact companies and the decisions made by managers, provided that it is made a partner and a tool above all!

Thus, AI could enable the following:

  • Access to deeper information and analysis, which can accelerate decision-making by being more informed and faster;
  • Identifying trends and patterns in data, which can help better understand business problems and opportunities;
  • The automation of specific administrative or repetitive tasks to concentrate on more strategic tasks;
  • Supporting communication by facilitating the delivery of important information and helping to answer common questions.

Thus, significant advances in AI applied to the business world, including ChatGPT, can help managers and executives to be more efficient and more informed. But be careful; above all, the objective is to free up time with high-added value: analysis and creativity. It is on this condition that AI will play its role and that we will remove the specter of competition between AI and humans, in which the latter would be the big losers.

So, no, AI and ChatGPT will not necessarily threaten employment; they are new and valuable resources. It is, above all, a reality and a field of opportunity.

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