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Work/Life Balance: 5 Tips For Freelancers

Set a routine

Advantages but also disadvantages of independent life: no schedule is predefined. It is up to the self-employed worker to organize their days and weeks as they wish. A self-employed worker must not respect working hours or days with his client. It is, therefore, easy to see your working hours spill over into your evenings or weekends if a particular routine is not defined. To avoid this situation, the ideal is to set working hours while keeping a margin in case of unforeseen circumstances or emergencies to be dealt with.

Who says working hours also says break? A self-employed worker must respect the time for his lunch break, as if he were an employee. This will allow him to decompress and disconnect from his work to get back to the task better. It is a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a good lifestyle.

Another critical point for maintaining a healthy and balanced routine is getting ready in the morning. This may make you smile, but during the teleworking imposed in the face of the covid-19 crisis, many workers, employees in particular, have made this observation: the simple fact of staying all day in pyjamas without taking a shower or dressing properly has an impact on mood, and cause and effect, on productivity.

The key is, therefore, to act as if you were an employee in a company by setting schedules, lunch break times, and a morning routine.

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Create a workspace

Who says self-employed often says, home worker. In fact, not all freelancers can have an office reserved for their professional activity. The trick is, therefore, to try, as much as possible, to restrict your space during your working hours. For this, you should opt for a room in which you feel good. This must be well soundproofed, with good lighting, to conduct video conferences in the best conditions. To be avoided, of course: working from the bed will only harm your professional/personal life balance by transforming a place intended for rest into a work space.

Another solution if there is no space in your living space can be transformed into a workplace: coworking. These coworking spaces have been booming for several years now in France. Previously offered mainly in large cities, coworking spaces are now being created in medium-sized towns and thus allow independent workers to have a work space separate from their homes.

Additionally, coworking solutions promote networking, cooperation and creativity.


Another critical point in reconciling professional and personal life organization at work. Indeed, in order not to get distracted in your missions and reduce your productivity, it is essential to establish a good work organization. Otherwise, the risk of catching up on tasks outside of working hours or during weekends will be omnipresent. First, Learn to estimate your working time on each job correctly and thus plan realistic days.

Second tip: use an organizational tool. Whether it’s a diary, a weekly organizer, or a digital application, finding the right organizational tool is one of the keys to increasing your productivity, visualizing your tasks, and thus finding a good balance between your professional and personal life.

Know how to say “no.”

Saying no to specific freelance missions is very difficult when you’re starting or have to work a lot to get paid. It is tempting to fill your schedule with as many contracts as possible to protect yourself. However, in the long term, this mode of operation is not viable. Indeed, the work/life balance can be disrupted, which will likely harm productivity. Therefore, you should not be afraid to say no to specific clients or new missions in the face of a hectic schedule.

In addition, to have a balanced life as a freelancer, it is essential to establish and stick to a schedule. The freelancer’s availability must, therefore, be shared with his client so that he knows when he can or cannot contact him. This will improve the working conditions of both parties and help them be productive in carrying out the mission.

Regarding deadlines, these must be consistent and must not disrupt previously defined work schedules.

Contrary to popular belief, an independent worker who knows how to say “no” will be perceived positively by their clients. Indeed, this demonstrates an excellent knowledge of the missions, the tasks they are responsible for and the working time necessary to carry them out.


As with any worker, a freelancer needs to know how to take time for themselves. In this age of hyper-connection and immediacy, it is not always easy to disconnect and get away from your phone or computer. However, it is necessary, especially for freelancers whose telephone and computer are professional and personal tools. It is essential to take breaks in the evenings and weekends to take time for yourself or your loved ones, especially if you live and work alone, to combat social isolation.

In conclusion, successfully balancing professional and personal life as a freelancer comes down to organization and discipline. Just as it is possible to organize your missions so they go as smoothly as possible, it is essential to arrange your work routine and stick to it to maintain a good balance between your professional and personal life.

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