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Windows 10 Update Still Possible Free Of Charge In 2021

Operating a computer requires an operating system. If it is not an Apple model, Windows is almost always used. The solution is not difficult for the version either, because Windows 10 has established itself over the years. The OS was published at the end of July 2015 and receives regular updates. Microsoft is even planning a design makeover at the end of 2021. The predecessors are also a reason for the success because the popular Windows 7 no longer receives support and Windows 8 is not exactly popular. So there is only Windows 10 left, but you have to admit that the company listened to its users during development.

In the course of the market launch at that time, you could upgrade from Windows 7 / Windows 8 to Windows 10 free of charge for one year. Many did not want to take this step at the time and let the deadline pass, which in retrospect was not a wrong decision. If you want, you can still change at no cost in 2021.

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Don’t forget to Backup and read out the Windows Key

As can be read in the following paragraphs, there are two ways to switch to Windows 10. Once as an update and once as a new installation. In the first case the data is retained, in the second case not. Regardless of this, a backup should be created, because theoretically, complications can also arise during an update. The same applies to the Windows key because it is usually not required either, but it can happen in individual cases. Therefore, it should be read out beforehand using free software.

Method 1: Windows 10 Update Assistant

The Windows 10 Update Assistant is an official Microsoft tool and only needs to be started after the download. The rest of the work goes almost by itself and a check is carried out to see whether the computer is fit for the update. The process takes a few minutes, of course, but in the end, you have received a free upgrade and can enjoy the new Microsoft operating system. Activation should normally take place automatically after an Internet connection has been established.

Method 2: Media Creation Tool

If you need to change a Windows version, you have the opportunity to do a new installation. This should also be perceived because a “clean” switch can prevent problems and is generally the better choice. For this purpose, Microsoft offers the Media Creation Tool, with which a USB stick can be configured accordingly. In the end, just start from the stick, install Windows 10, and connect to the Internet.

So far there is no end in sight

Microsoft is of course aware that the upgrade to Windows 10 will still work for free and, above all, officially in 2021. Rather, it seems that the company wanted to give users a little bit of pressure and the spread of the operating system to help them with the 1-year deadline.

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