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The Quick Route To Social Media Fame

A high reach on social media is extremely important for concluding successful collaborations and advertising deals.

For this reason, many companies and influencers want to take the fast route and buy Instagram followers to help them succeed on Instagram and Co. The following post explains whether this measure works and what risks are associated with buying followers.

Influencer Marketing is more Successful than ever

Advertising by influencers has become an indispensable part of online marketing these days. The industry has been growing steadily for years, unaffected by any crises.

According to estimates, advertisers in the USA invested one billion US dollars in marketing with the social media stars back in 2017. Since then, the number of posts marked as sponsoring has almost doubled. One of the fastest-growing marketing tools is influencer advertising. This year, experts are forecasting the influencer market to be worth up to ten billion US dollars.

Accelerate success with bought Followers

Due to the huge success of the industry, it is of course hardly surprising that so many people participate in this and also want to earn money with their social media account or be rewarded with other benefits.

However, there is the big hurdle that really lucrative collaborations can only be realized if a certain reach is achieved with the posts. For companies that want to do marketing with influencers, often only the follower numbers seem to be important. For many companies, the follower standard for Instagram is around 20,000 followers. If larger advertising deals are to be concluded, the influencers must also have up to 200,000 followers.

It’s a rocky road to becoming a real star on Instagram, however. Nowadays, followers place high demands on the content. A channel that is really successful on Instagram must not only offer aesthetic photos but must also be a real experience. These expectations are not easy to meet. Influencers have to be able to stand out from a large number of accounts on the social platform. The organic growth of the account takes time above all.

Blocked accounts and Image Damage

However, many users on Instagram do not seem to have these. In order to accelerate their success, they increase their number of followers for money. There are a variety of offers for buying followers to be found on the Internet. In practice, too, these offers initially seem to keep their promises. Tests have already shown that purchased followers can actually lead to the account owners being offered marketing cooperations.

Although this sounds quite tempting at first, the risks of buying followers, which should not be underestimated, should also be considered. Buying followers can seriously jeopardize a brand’s integrity. If real fans and customers find out that such practices are being used, their hard-earned trust is quickly lost.

In addition, there are many tools available these days that can be used to quickly check whether followers have been bought or whether the high reach is due to honest organic growth. Instagram itself also wants to put a stop to the purchase of followers. Abusive behavior and spam are taken very seriously in the social network according to their own statements.

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