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Learn To Use Digital Devices To Be Succeed

Well, yes, to this day, there are still people who do not have a mobile phone, no profile on Social Networks, or any digital device, how outrageous! but how can this be? …; well, nothing happens, let’s not be surprised, before the appearance of the internet and all its paraphernalia, life was normal, that is, we worked, we made friends, we played Monopoly and Parcheesi, and we also went to the cinema, we read the press, we enjoyed enriching readings of printed books and published articles, not in blogs, but in newspapers; there was life before the advent of the internet.

It happens that fortunately, society evolves, there are some extraordinary people, with privileged minds, who are dedicated to researching and discovering new ways and means of doing things and living, and although I repeat myself, to evolve. And the evolution, in our current Knowledge and Information Society is called: Internet and its digital devices and its Apps and its Social Networks and its WhatsApp and its mail and its Zoom and its cloud and in short: IoT

Internet today: The necessary and essential digital devices

The Internet of Things (IoT Internet of Things) and other things

It is a concept coined in the English language; This is one of the advantages of this technological tsunami, you learn to use technology and in the same pack you learn English since the technological language is English; the IoT refers to the connection to the internet of all kinds of “things”, read digital device,

But let’s go back to our day-to-day, where the dose of detergent is deposited by our human hand.

An application as well known as Gmail, the email of Google, is also a great unknown. The multifunctionality of this application is suitable for all public; Gmail itself offers, in addition to the classic sending of emails, among other features and mentioning some at random; the ability to schedule the sending of our messages, templates, and other personalized functions, various email rubrics; And if this were not enough, Gmail is a filing system, let’s say to be brief that it is very good and intuitive. Within Google applications, we access a constantly evolving virtual environment. These applications include Drive, the Google cloud where we can store files, share documents, create spreadsheets, text documents, among other things.

The cloud, in this case, our cloud, is the internet space that Google offers us at no cost, it is on Google’s servers, which are data centers, located in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia, in this link, you will find more information about Google and its things: Google Datacenters.

There are some characteristics that make Gmail and Drive friendly, and that is that their use and enjoyment have no cost (Google gives away the first 15GB if we need more, we must pay a monthly or annual fee) and that they can be accessed from anywhere device or digital thing, you can create an account or several through this link: Improve your productivity with Gmail.

The management of communications in the company and in our personal life, as well as the organization and classification of the information generated in both areas, have been transformed by Information and Communication Technologies, better known by its acronym ICT´s. Devices or digital things, called “pen”, “drive” or more colloquial “pinch”, allows you to load documents and digitized information in them, to transport them comfortably, from one place to another, containing detailed reports of hundreds of sheets with interesting images and rich graphics.

In addition to Google, there are other companies that offer their information storage and management services, use a technology called Cloud Computing, or what is the same and to understand us, Cloud computing technology, this is the name of the technology that allows ” upload ”the information, using our digital device to an internet space, called a cloud.

Social Networks, you have to be, but carefully

Another of the innovations of this revolutionary era of the Internet has been the appearance of Social Networks. And these trite and recurring questions of: and do companies search the internet for the social profile of the person, to know first-hand, what he is like, how he thinks, what he does in his free time, and make a decision about Their future selection, based on what they find? So, should I have a profile on all Social Networks, so that they know me and have an adequate social identity and job offers rain on me?

These questions are a good topic of debate for the course, which concerns us: Internet, Social Networks and digital devices, the magic formulas, at the moment they do not exist, they have not yet invented neither the Digital Application, nor the Social Network, which Instantly and just by downloading the App (“App” is the abbreviation in English for Application) or registering in the corresponding Social Network, they will enable you to choose the ideal job that every human being wants and that is sought by so much land, sea, and air, or what is the same now, in this century of ours so digital and so futuristic; Through the corporate website, through Social Networks, through the Virtual Employment Portals or by any digital means that may occur to us.

There are Social Networks of all types and conditions: professional, social, thematic, among others. Its use and responsible use is the responsibility of the person; In this age in which we have lived, where face-to-face interaction has been so limited, Social Networks and digital devices acquire enormous importance and relevance and facilitate that communication and information flow and enrich our Information Society and Communication.

Digital devices, my mobile, and I always together

Just as the appearance of electronic mail meant the near-retirement of the letter document, the appearance of the digital device, tablet or tablet, marked a before and after in this digital history of the 21st century. The first to offer this digital thing to the general public was the company Apple Inc., on January 27, 2010, it would arrive in Spain on May 28 of that year. They called this new digital device Ipad, the I for intelligent, Intelligent in English, and pad, whose meaning is notepad or notepad, the Ipad, also called a tablet, is, in the words of its “father” Steve Jobs, founder and CEO of Apple Inc., until his death in 2011: “The iPad is our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an incredible price….

When this article is published, it can be read, as if by magic, on a tablet, on a mobile phone on a laptop, on a desktop computer, it is magic, without a doubt, magic that accompanies and helps us every day a little more, in our evolution and our development.

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