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Benefits Of Social Networks In Companies

Those of us who are dedicated to working in this great universe often find ourselves in the position of having to explain in our environment what are the benefits of social networks in order to introduce a strategy in the company. We could expand on the subject, but the appropriate thing, in this case, is to try to summarize it in a simple and understandable way, and in our opinion, the most important points why a company should not give up social networks are the following:

Provides direct and immediate communication with the public: Whether we are talking about clients or the general public, communication with them is essential. Social networks help us to get closer to our followers in a way that serves as a vehicle to transmit information about our brand, answer questions, make suggestions, process and resolve possible complaints and even forge a bond between the public and the company.

Segment our communication: Each social network has a specific purpose, for example depending on whether we want to launch a job offer, show our day to day or hold a contest, we will choose one or another social network. We advise you to carefully choose the best social network for each communication of your business.

Helps to improve the image of the brand: Through transparency, creativity, management, and problem-solving. We must be clear that we have a tool whose purpose is to make things easier for the members of our community.

Increase the visibility of our product/service: Of course, a social platform is the ideal means to show our knowledge in the sector in which our company operates, as a showcase for our products, carry out exclusive promotions for our followers, contests, gifts. Our product can be offered without overwhelming the follower with excessive advertising.

Unbeatable feedback obtained: Undoubtedly one of the most important functions of social networks is the possibility of obtaining the direct and immediate opinion of the follower since for this it is an easy and fast way to contact the company. The interaction buttons themselves represent an immediate response to our publications, and we will be able to know if they are interesting for our community thanks to the comments, “likes”, retweets and times they are shared. In addition, the multitude of measurement tools available today will allow us to better know the members of our community given the large amount of demographic data that we can obtain with them.

Greater promotion of our brand: It is an ideal medium to carry out advertising actions due to its low cost in relation to the number of impacts achieved. The use of promotions, surveys, sweepstakes, and direct mail gives us a wide variety of ways to reach the public, in addition to being able to easily obtain data on the scope of the action. These types of actions are easy to create and are highly effective in achieving our objectives.

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