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Backlinks And Their Importance For Ranking

Backlinks are links from other websites that refer to your website. Backlinks are still one of the more important factors in ranking a website.

How do you get backlinks?

There are several ways to get backlinks. A couple of possibilities are briefly presented below:

Natural backlink building over the lifetime of a website

This is the normal case. In the course of the existence of your website, these backlinks will be collected. That means other websites will refer to yours at some point. It’s a completely normal process. Suppose you run a website about autotuning. At some point, a website operator comes to your site with an Autoblog. He now mentions your website in a blog post – you already have the first backlink. Getting backlinks can be difficult at first and can take a long time. You are probably wondering how you can get backlinks faster.

Creating good content

The better your content, the more often your page will be linked. Imagine you’ve written a great scientific paper – this will, of course, be quoted more often in new papers than a miserable piece of work. This is roughly how it works with the backlinks. The better and more relevant your content, the more often you will receive a backlink. This is the best case. You have a great site with a lot of content that helps visitors. Top!

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The link exchange

But there are other options. One of the things that should be mentioned here is the link exchange. As the name suggests, the link exchange works according to the quid pro quo principle. This for that. I will link your page when you link me on your page.

Buying backlinks

Another option is to buy backlinks. There are various providers where you can buy your backlinks. Sounds great. You pay some money for other people to post your link on your website, and you have no stress with the content.

Why does Google attach importance to backlinks for ranking?

Here is a little analogy:

The ranking algorithm concerning the backlinks is similar to the situation in school. If someone greets you 100 times, does that make you popular? Rather not. But what if 100 different people greet you once? That would rather speak for your popularity, wouldn’t it?

What if all the unpopular people said hello to you? Would that make you believe you were popular? Probably not. But what if 100 extremely popular classmates greet you in the auditorium? Right, that would lead you to assume that you are popular correctly.

A link can be compared to someone who greets you in the auditorium. The more people greet you, the more popular these people are, the more popular you are. This means for the backlinks, the more links (the more often you are greeted) you get from high-quality sites, the better your site will be ranked and the higher your ranking will be. This is the basic principle of how backlinks affect the ranking of your site.

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Let’s come to the means to increase your backlinks. Our school analogy still works very well.

So when you’re in school and people pay to greet you, does that make you popular or a sucker? I would guess the latter. That’s why Google has been intervening since the Penguin Updates. Purchased links are rated negatively, and buyers are penalized with poorer rankings!

Would it work if you made a deal with 50 students to greet each other? Does that make you popular and popular? Here, too, a clear no. It would be so obvious that you would smile at it wearily. The analogy also fits the backlinks because “link exchange” is very easy to understand and does not bring you forward. It is easy for Google to discover such link relationships and then not reward them accordingly.

How do students manage to be popular in school? Having something interesting about you makes other people want to know this person better and “say hello” to them.

The ideal way to get more backlinks is, as indicated above, good content. Without good content, you won’t get any quality backlinks. Create relevant and interesting content, and users will thank you with backlinks, a longer stay, and a lower bounce rate. We Can get these backlinks from Link Building Services provided by SEO companies and agencies.

In a nutshell

The logic behind the interaction of backlinks and ranking is as follows: If a website receives many backlinks, the search engine assumes that the linked website offers good content. Otherwise, not so many pages would refer to this and thus indirectly make a recommendation. If you can buy links, however, this system is reduced to absurdity.

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