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Marketing – Customer Acquisition To Use Your Own Reach

Founders of start-ups and company owners of SMEs know the problem: An enormous amount of time is usually spent on acquiring new customers; In the end, however, the bottom line is often a negative balance.

That said, it simply takes too much-paid work to win a single customer. For this dilemma, the virtual world offers a multitude of possibilities that, after a one-time installation, can ensure that potential buyers are made aware of your own goods or services. And currently, everything can be bought on the Internet: From the new cleaner for the office to individually printed giveaways for the next trade fair appearance to an electric company car with state subsidies.

What Is Meant By Reach?

In professional circles, reach means how many people you can reach with your Internet presence. In addition to the company website, the range measurement also includes all social networks or advertisements that you place.

The clever product placement via the so-called influencers, who test your products and document everything and publish via their own channels on the Internet, what you as the client specify is particularly wide-reaching. Although this type of advertising has recently had to be labelled, many influencers are now simply labelling each of their posts for fear of warnings, so that influencer advertising is still barely noticeable. Another way to immediately increase your own reach is to link to your own online shop, YouTube channel or other websites hosted by the company. In contrast to influencer advertising, it is not primarily about being seen by as many people as possible, but through that establishing backlinks are mainly addressed to the major search engines.

Why Search Engine Optimization Is Important

There are various ways to manipulate your own visibility in Google’s search results. It is by no means a coincidence whether your own company page is displayed further upfront or on the back.

For a good Google ranking, it is first of all important to describe the goods or services offered in concrete terms. For example, if you are looking for a new cleaner for your office space, you may also be interested in the cleaning agents used and whether they are effective against viruses such as the Covid 19 pathogen.

Good visibility on the Internet is particularly important for craft businesses, as the local range is usually huge and the number of competitors from their own industry is therefore huge. Every company in Germany has the right to a free entry in the business directory. On the placement service of the Yellow Pages enables clients to easily compare suitable specialist companies with one another and to have offers sent to them in a short time so that the details of the services can be better-kept side by side.

How To Optimize Your Own Visibility On The Internet

Ads through Google are expensive and have to be paid for per click. So it is not necessary for a company to actually generate sales. Therefore, Google Ads advertising is often confusing and not always worthwhile. Ads can also be placed on social networks free of charge. The best way to do this is to have short, funny videos that are enjoyed and preferred to be forwarded. Of course, these should be related to your own topics if this type of online marketing is to have a successful impact on sales. Competitions can also be run via various portals. The potential customer is initially offered fun, and in the end, there is a reward in the form of a prize from your company.

These can be small business gifts from your inventory, But free services are also very suitable as prizes for competitions. A specialist company such as a car repair shop can, for example, fill its own schedule properly by promising a tire change as a profit or a similar service.

I Have A Lot Of Traffic On My Site, But Nobody Is Buying Anything

However, none of these measures is of any use if the workshop customer only uses the free service or Internet users merely navigate through your detailed descriptions without buying anything from you. At this point, salespeople are required. For service providers, it can be lucrative to achieve the set goals to hire employees for sales who actively deal with the customers. Products are best sold online when small details are easy to see, which can be done with an interactive 360 ​​° video.

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