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5 Real-Life Applications For Augmented Reality

You must have heard of VR and AR. Researchers are finding more and more practical applications of these two technologies. Augmented Reality or AR is a mixture of Virtual Reality (VR) and Real Life. There are many real world applications that are very useful to us. Here are some of the amazing uses of augmented reality.

Online Shopping

Online shopping has never been so easy and satisfying. Although you can get high quality pictures of the products on the website, those pictures are not enough to help you select a product. For example, when purchasing sunglasses, some sites provide accurate measurements to purchase the sunglasses.

But in the case of sunglasses, how you look when you put the sunglasses on is also very important.

You can upload the picture of your face to the website and with the help of augmented reality you will understand which sunglasses will suit you well. The same goes for buying furniture. When you buy furniture, you can upload the picture of your room to the website and actually see what your room will look like with the new furniture.


Augmented Reality is used in the education sector. You will see 2D and 3D images of different models. It offers the opportunity to learn interactively. For example, students can rotate the 3D model and read that it is a detailed description. With AR, students will learn things easily.

It is very helpful for chemistry and biology classes as they can properly see the chemical structures and the different parts of the human body.


Augmented Reality can be used to design buildings. You can visualize your concept with AR. You can create 3D models of buildings and show customers what the building will look like when completed. AR can also be used to assemble different parts. It can also be used for training engineers.

With AR, the trainers will be able to train employees with different 3D models. This way, learning will be more effective and you will be able to apply what you have learned in their actual work.


Have you ever played Pokemon Go? If so, then you need to be familiar with augmented reality. In this game you have to catch Pokemon that are in different real places. That game was hugely successful. Augmented Reality can be used in the game industry to make games more interactive and exciting.


Augmented Reality is often used in the training of students or doctors. Anatomy lessons and surgical interventions can be done using AR. This will give the students a better understanding of the procedures. They will be able to learn from mistakes and thus train their hands for surgery.

The use of augmented reality will soon expand to other sectors as well. We will be able to shop and learn better with the help of augmented reality. The VR and AR world are very exciting areas.

There are many discoveries yet to be made in these areas. We can expect more research on augmented reality.

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