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6 Communication Channels In The Digital Age

Communication is much easier in this digital age. In the past, we had to communicate by writing letters by hand, calling landlines, or sending telegraphs. These forms of communication were expensive and took a long time. Here are the different ways people communicate in the digital age.


Sending an email is similar to sending postal email, except that you type it instead of writing it. In addition, the mail is sent within seconds. In addition to sending text messages, you can now also send files, pictures, etc. that are attached to the email. Most office work is done via email.


We can no longer imagine our life today without a cell phone. We use our cell phones to call others, send instant messages, or surf the Internet. With our mobile phones we can now look at and write e-mails or communicate on social media pages.

Video calls

People use Skype and other video conferencing technologies to communicate. This is used for both personal and business communication. If your family or friends live overseas, you can use these technologies to talk to loved ones. That way, you won’t feel like they are miles away from you.

Skype and other technologies are widely used in businesses today. It is used for recruiting employees from other cities or even countries. It is not necessary to have a personal interview with the candidate.

You can conduct the interview via video conferencing. Technologies like ezTalks Meetings are used in conducting meetings and communicating with employees who work remotely.

Social networks

People today communicate with others via social networks. You will hardly find anyone today who does not log into their social networking sites at least once a day to see what their acquaintances and friends are doing. The corporate world uses data from social networking sites to learn about consumer behavior. It is also used in recruiting the right candidate for the company.

Chat rooms

This platform enables people to share their thoughts and opinions on a specific topic. You can get to know and also discuss the views of others.


Different apps like Viber, WhatsApp, etc. have made communication very easy. You can use these apps to send messages, make audio or video calls, share files, pictures, etc.

These different forms of communication media have made people’s lives very enjoyable. You can now easily communicate in real time with people who live far away from you. Communication costs are also minimal.

We should learn proper etiquette for communicating with others, especially in the case of business communication. In the future, it is expected that communication will become more convenient.

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