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VW Configurator – An Interesting Marketing And Sales Tool

Cars are put together on the Internet today. With the VW configurator, you can easily assemble Volkswagen vehicles online as you wish, then obtain offers for the car you have customized and arrange test drives.

How does the VW Configurator work?

First of all, what is a configurator? A configurator is software or a website, for example of a company, in which a prospective customer can put together and adapt a product according to certain specifications.

All vehicles that are available as new vehicles can be selected for configuration. The configurator guides you step by step through the configuration and explains the meanings of the customization options.

VW Configurator – This is how it works

The VW configurator is straightforward. You select the appropriate vehicle and model and you can adjust every detail of the vehicle in menus. The configurator itself ensures that there are no conflicts.

You can make optical adjustments as well as determine the technical details. With the help of permanently updated images, you can see every adjustment to your vehicle immediately.

VW Configurator – An interesting Marketing and Sales Tool

In addition to the paintwork, rims and lights, you can opt for panoramic roofs, seat covers and much more. Depending on the vehicle, rear spoilers are also possible if required.

On the technical side, in addition to the basic settings such as the engine, you can choose from the various assistance systems such as parking aids or lane departure warning systems.

What does the VW Configurator bring?

With the help of a VW configurator, you can assemble your vehicle from the comfort of your own home and also see your vehicle directly as a picture. You don’t have to go to a dealership and look at vehicles that are just similar.

With the VW configurator you can immediately see all the effects of your adjustments. This makes it much easier to assemble a vehicle according to your price and taste ideas.

It enables the creation of individualized vehicles that are tailored directly to you. By the way, car enthusiasts can also put together their dream vehicles for pure pleasure, which they want to drive one day.

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