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Virtual Education: Why It Is Useful And 8 Steps To Create It

Teaching has always existed and over time the way it is taught has changed. There are three elements that are necessary for teaching: you need a teacher, students, and you need knowledge that you want to teach.

With the advancement of new technologies, it has meant that teaching is adapted and other types of models are offered through the Internet. Companies have also seen a great opportunity in this, to be able to train their workers without having to go anywhere.

In this article we are going to explain more characteristics of virtual teaching, as well as explain why it is useful for a company and 8 easy steps to create it from scratch.

What is virtual education?

Virtual teaching is a way of education in which the teaching process is carried out over the Internet. Learning is allowed to be flexible , adapting to the needs of the student. Virtual education is defined as e-learning , online training or virtual education.

The characteristics of virtual teaching are the following:

  • The role of the student is active , that is to say that he has to carry out the learning autonomously.
  • There is flexibility to carry out the activities , since you can do them whenever you want within a wide range. And the flexibility of the place, because you don’t have to live near the place where the course is taught.
  • The subject matter taught can be specific or more extensive , that depends on how the company is organized and the needs of the student.
  • One of the main reasons why virtual education is so popular today is because the learning experience can be fully customized. There are many methodologies that can make learning more enjoyable. For example, virtual reality videos with which the student can carry out activities.

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Differences between virtual education, online education and distance education

Online education is a teaching method in which classes are taught in real time. In this way, the worker or student can attend classes in person with their classmates. In this teaching what is valued is the debate and dialogue between the participants.

Virtual education differs from the previous one, it means that teachers and students do not have to coincide at the same time on the platform for the course. It is similar to distance education, with the difference that only technological resources are used to communicate and carry out the activities.

Students and the teacher communicate through forums or email. When the students finish their activities, the teacher later informs them of how they have gone. It is a flexible and effective method.

Distance education somewhat unites the other two methods, because it can involve face-to-face and virtual . Internet connection is not needed, because the forming entity gives physical materials to the student for the course. If it is true, that some evaluation process can be online, which means that at some point the Internet is needed.

Why is virtual education useful for companies?

There are many companies that use e-learning to broaden the knowledge of their workers, to improve their skills and teach them new tools. Here we are going to explain 6 reasons why e-learning is useful for your company!

  • It is training at a lower cost , because it is no longer necessary to hold seminars, you just have to do an online course.
  • There is greater coverage to train your employees. You can train much more employees from different locations, since they don’t have to be present in person, it means less effort.
  • There is only one knowledge base , in the LMS that the company has created. Employees will know where to connect to find the documents and the course.
  • The worker will be able to go at their own pace, combining work and training. Being an online course, you can connect to the LMS when you consider and have a gap.
  • It is also advantageous for teachers , as the worker’s process is easily monitored. The normal thing is that the program itself creates statistics for its later evaluation.
  • And finally, virtual education adapts to companies. It helps companies strike a balance between new training and solving problems in real time.

Have we been able to convince you with these reasons? At ARTINE we can manage and create different types of content for your training portal. We just need you to tell us what you need, what values ​​your company has and we will be at your side to create the perfect course for your workers.

8 steps to create a virtual education course

  • In the first step you must set the objectives , basically be clear about why you want to implement the course. We recommend that they be personalized and specific objectives for the company.
  • Select which tools you want to use in your virtual education course. The best thing in this case is to create a learning platform that allows you to upload all the documents or videos you need.
  • Now is the time to create the plan , you have to devise stages and assign them a time. You should not forget about the budget either , look at what you can and cannot do.
  • Next, you must specify the content that you want your employees to dedicate their time to.
  • You always have to do a test to see if everything works, perhaps directly with an employee so that there is no problem. And if there is, correct it before all the workers try it.
  • You must write an internal communication and announce the launch of the course to your employees. If you sell it well, it will attract their attention and they will participate with more enthusiasm.
  • Start training! With an email you can send your employees the links to the LMS and remind them of the start.
  • And as the last step, you should review how the virtual education course works. If something unforeseen happens, you should know about it and change things if necessary. At the end of the course you can ask your employees through a questionnaire what they thought.

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