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The Rise Of E-learning, Learning From Anywhere

Technological development has blurred the limits that conditioned training experiences. Time and place are no longer an obstacle, and learning has been boosted by the vast possibilities of the digital environment.

E-learning is already a reality in many educational centers and companies, spurred on by the situation generated by the pandemic. Well-applied virtual training entails numerous advantages for students and also for companies, which gain flexibility and the ability to adapt to different situations .

New Normal Learning, the new challenges and trends in training

Training has also undergone a transformation in 2020, and, in fact, has experienced a great boost thanks to the resilience of organizations, which have been able to transform the most critical moments into development opportunities.

New Normal Learning is the concept that brings together the new training trends that have been born or have accelerated in a scenario in which it has been necessary to establish and strengthen connections between companies, technology and human capital in order to get ahead. As we address in our digital meetings related to this topic, the main challenges that companies have faced in this period have been:

  • Achieve effective training. In a context of constant change, talent must acquire new skills and adapt quickly to stay productive. The demand for skills is changing and companies must know how to respond to the new training needs of their professionals.
  • Adjust the economic impact of adapting training to the new context. Most organizations were already in the process of digital transformation, but may not have all the necessary materials or resources to make that leap right away.
  • Ensure a positive employee experience. Define an attractive learning journey , with useful, accessible and interesting content, with great practical utility.

In this context, e-learning training has been the answer to overcome all these challenges. Continuous training is key to maintaining agility and the ability to respond to new challenges, and being able to count on the necessary training resources at any time and place is a huge step forward.

Reskilling and upskilling of talent to face new challenges

Anticipating the critical needs that your company may experience is essential to keep it competitive. For this reason, training initiatives such as reskilling and upskilling can guarantee that we have the right talent at the right time.

Upskilling will allow your employees to adapt to the new needs that may arise in their jobs, either in extreme circumstances, such as those that occurred during the pandemic, or in the face of any possible novelty . With this we will achieve that the workers are more specialized, that they cannot be left behind.

Training in this field can range from small bits of knowledge for basic functions, such as connecting to a video call or uploading a presentation to the cloud, to something much more elaborate that has a direct impact on the business and its ability to sell and engage. with the client.

On the other hand, by applying a strategy focused on reskilling talent, we will achieve greater versatility and agility, since it is about training talent to perform activities different from the current one. A guarantee to optimize available resources through versatile equipment

A good reskilling strategy has to look to the future, taking into account what the business is asking for, what capabilities are and have been critical on other occasions in order to be prepared for future challenges.

What skills will be essential in the future?

Providing talent with the training that is most in line with the new demands is key to making it useful, with a real practical application. When we talk about skills we should not only think of hard skills, such as knowledge and use of specific software, languages ​​or any other technical skill. It is also necessary to encourage qualities that go further: soft skills.

They are skills that do not expire in time and that can be used in all areas regardless of the sector in which you work.

  • Proactivity, collaboration, adaptability, and the ability to learn directly affect productivity and professional development.
  • Creativity, ingenuity, and innovative and decisive capacity are essential to find new solutions and ideas in a competitive context.
  • Communication skills, active listening and empathy are decisive in leadership positions and in dealing directly with the client.

Being clear about the possible subjects in which talent should or would like to be trained is necessary to build an attractive learning journey , but flexibility is the key ingredient to truly respond to their training needs.

E-learning not only offers the possibility of learning where and when you want, but also the freedom to guide and personalize your training itinerary on demand, to share your learning with others and to take on a much more active role.

The mission of the company must be to provide you with the necessary materials, motivate you with an interesting training proposal adapted to your personal situation, concerns and availability.

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