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Virtual Reality: From Science Fiction To Everyday Life

It is estimated that the virtual reality market will reach $92.31 billion in 2027 . Therefore, we could point out that it is a type of technology that has come to stay, contributing to the lives of people in different sectors such as medicine, education, marketing, recreation, leisure, among others. Today many of the large companies, industry sectors and even visionary small companies are exploiting the potential of this new technology, with great results. That is why it is important that you be able to know its current uses and how to benefit from simulated environments .

What is Virtual reality and how does it work?

Virtual reality is a very fashionable concept today, surely you have heard it browsing the web, it can be defined as the representation of scenes or objects created through a computer system that give the sensation that they really exist.

That is to say, we will be able to observe, move or touch elements, thus being able to detach ourselves from reality. Simulating imaginary worlds, in real time. Therefore, its emergence has generated a revolution previously only imagined in science fiction movies and books.

But how can I make use of virtual reality? First of all , you need to have a technological team that includes the following:

  • A console, a pc or a mobile.
  • A special program that transmits high-resolution images (there are different apps, software for PCs and consoles currently on the market).
  • Virtual reality glasses, some can even work independently without the need for other equipment (among the most famous are the Meta Quest from the company Oculus VR belonging to the conglomerate Meta Platforms, Inc.

Types of virtual reality

You can talk about three types of virtual reality according to the equipment that is being used:

  • Immersive: You detach yourself practically completely from reality. Your senses will collect information from the environment and send it to the brain for processing. In this way, a fictitious environment with artificial information will be created, but where your mind will believe that it is an almost real experience.
  • Semi-immersive: It is a system where, despite the fact that the user has contact with the real world, he interacts with various screens that surround him. The person must wear glasses and a movement tracking device,
  • Non-immersive: People use the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and microphone to enter the virtual world. With these elements you can enter a bit of virtual reality without losing your sense of reality.

What are the uses of virtual reality in different fields?


Simulate operations and carry out diagnoses, in a 3D human body. It is an excellent way for students in this area to carry out their internships . At the same time, virtual reality has been shown to be useful in neurological and sensory integration therapies.

Marketing and sales

Being able to visit shopping centers, businesses and others, without leaving your home . Even trying a product before purchasing it is an experience that virtual reality provides to people and companies.


Knowing Paris, London, New York from your home, being able to visit their hotels, museums and restaurants, you can do that with virtual reality.


It serves to help understand concepts, encourage creativity , for example, you can take a walk through the History of Humanity, even observing ancient objects that can be reconstructed and viewed in 3D.


It can be used for the treatment of phobias, anxiety, violence problems , among others.


You will be able to tour your new house without it even being built , that is surely much more interesting for you than observing it on a plan.


The armed forces of the different countries will be able to be trained and formed simulating real combat situations. Even already in the United Kingdom their military trains using virtual reality .

Games and recreation

You will not only play but you will be part of the game. Today the big game developer companies are betting on offering different experiences to the players, for this reason we find a quite interesting catalog of games in virtual reality format.

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