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What Is Needed To Work In Cybersecurity? Tips And More

Cybersecurity is a topic that has gained great relevance in the business sector. Even so, many of them do not have the appropriate professional equipment to avoid being victims of a cyberattack. Even in the latest edition of the State of Resilience in Cybersecurity report, it was shown that 55% of companies do not have what it takes to face a computer attack. This is how it is estimated that the request for professionals in this area are increasingly requested. And although there are many young people interested, many of them do not know what are the options or what is needed to work in cybersecurity? If you want to find out, keep reading.

Why should you be interested in studying cybersecurity?

Carrying out activities inherent to the cybersecurity area is not something that can be learned overnight. It is a comprehensive training in computer security, which could mark the growth of a company . That is why a company requests these professionals to prevent a simple mistake from leading them to closure. And it is right here where the chances of finding a job with good pay are highly probable.

This is how competition in the computing area is increasing. And the best way to be one of the selected ones is to prepare properly. It should be noted that this area has various professional opportunities due to the number of specializations and tasks to be carried out. Therefore, the job of a professional or graduate is to recognize which path he wishes to follow. In this way, he will be able to aspire to a salary adequate to his knowledge and responsibilities.

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Do you know what it takes to work in cybersecurity ?

Now, preparing is one of the main points, however it is not the only thing you should do to get a good job in this area:

1. Choose a specialization

In the field of computer security there are two principles, which are to prevent or respond. That is why the series of actions and specializations are derived from there. Therefore, it is your duty to know which are the most viable options for you and that you feel capable of carrying out without problems. Since both are different:

  • Prevention: create methods and techniques to avoid attacks.
  • Response: reduce the damage and progress of the cyberattack, even neutralizing it if possible.

It should be noted that not everything is about theoretical knowledge, practice is essential. Therefore, depending on the area chosen, you will have to subsequently look for training and employment options to acquire and improve your skills.

2. Computer Security Degree

Thanks to the demand from companies to acquire talent with knowledge in this area, universities are now offering this degree. Because now cybersecurity has become a specialization of computing. That is why many students who are doubtful about what is needed to work in cybersecurity do not contemplate the importance of having a degree.

Companies need specialized people, with firm knowledge in the area. Because computer security is not a responsibility that can be taken lightly because the proper functioning and durability of the company depends on it.

So do not hesitate to train professionally if you want to acquire one of the most requested positions in this field.

3. Continuous training

If you have doubts about what is needed to work in cybersecurity, you should know that professions related to the technological field are constantly evolving. Because processes, tools and devices often change. Consequently, related professionals in this area must be in constant learning. Likewise, they have to be attentive to each of the trends and aware of what is happening in the commercial world.

Today there are numerous specializations in the area that you can do to increase your knowledge and experience. Since the greater the number of cyberattacks and malware, the greater the training and information to be handled to stop them.

What are the most appropriate specializations?

If you are really interested in knowing what it takes to work in cybersecurity, then you should be interested in the most demanded certifications. Among which we have:

  • CEH
  • OSCP
  • CHFI
  • CCSP ( Certified Cyber ​​Security Professional )
  • CDPD (Certification of Data Protection Officer)
  • CDPP (Certified Data Privacy Professional)
  • CISA ( Certified Information Systems Auditor)
  • Certification for auditors from ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association – Information Systems Audit and Control Association), CISM (Certified Information Security Manager)
  • CISSP ( Certified Information Systems Security Professional)

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