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The Importance Of Cybersecurity For SMEs

By improving learning about cybersecurity for SMEs , we can efficiently manage and protect the handling of personal data ; either those of our company or those of our clients. In this text we will tell you some recommendations that will help you improve safety in your work area. As well as the possible solutions that you can apply in the network and in the devices of your office to safeguard the data in a safe way.

Recommendations to implement cybersecurity for SMEs

Implementing cybersecurity for SMEs in order to protect the data we exchange in our operations implies following a series of specific recommendations. It is up to them to avoid any threat to the integrity of the information or its leakage.

Application inventory

First of all, it is essential to carry out an inventory of all the resources and applications used in our devices. In this way, you will be aware of what you have.

Risk management policy

In parallel, you must decide who will be in charge of managing the company’s IT security risks . In addition, you must assess the level of risk you are willing to accept. And based on this, develop a policy that explains the actions that you and your team are willing to take to manage these security threats .

Update the software

Old version applications or operating systems are vulnerable to any type of malware . For this reason, we must carry out regular software and firewall patches and updates on our devices and networks.

Protect your network

You must check if the router that is connected to the company and provided by your internet provider includes the firewall , to be able to control the network connections and access the web, if this is not the case, proceed to keep it well configured and updated with the indications provided by the manufacturer.

Establish data accessibility, vital in cybersecurity for SMEs

An essential measure in cybersecurity for SMEs is to establish a data accessibility criterion . That is, classify the company’s data and determine who will have access to each category. This according to the positions they hold or the departments in which your collaborators work.

Take charge of monitoring your networks and services

How to detect hardware failures or unusual activity on our network? Specifically, we must incorporate some protocol monitoring or analysis tool to perform this task. If we have a saturated network in our company’s connection, it is necessary to add a commercial network traffic control tool, including an analysis of it and the use of IP . At the same time, we must ensure that our workers report any suspicious or unusual activity to the security officer .

Keep control of employees’ mobile devices

For the use of private or corporate mobile devices , an approval from the security manager is necessary, making sure that these devices have at least:

Anti Malware installed and updated with the latest version.

The use of a PIN, password or some other authentication method and that they are encrypted.

That they can be tracked or deleted remotely in case of loss or theft. If this event occurs, employees must inform the security manager so that the data on that device is eliminated as soon as possible.

Constant supervision

Finally, periodically check any vulnerability that may be in your system through a tool that allows you to perform a complete analysis of your device. In this way, you will maintain an optimized activity of the company’s tools.

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