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Digitization: Companies Bet To Survive

Did you know that 69% of companies worldwide are accelerating their digitization. A fundamental process today, which even various specialists point out as one of the processes that will guarantee the survival of organizations in markets such as today’s increasingly competitive ones. Where it is essential to have the ability to respond to the needs of customers, accustomed and adapted to the digital ecosystem.

Digitization What is it?

Digitization is a transformation process where the activities of organizations go from being physical to digital. This with the goal of optimizing procedures, being more competitive and at the same time providing added value to customers.

Although it is important to emphasize that you carry out this process. It is not just about buying more powerful computers, making use of cloud computing or installing a CRM. Digitization must be accompanied by a change in the mentality of company managers and workers .

Why should my company bet on digitization ?

Betting on digitization is essential for organizations, since the client has also been transformed. And the company must try to place you at the center of its strategy. And be it from the commercial point of view or any other.

The new client, which can be called a digital client, is used to resolving all their procedures with the immediacy that the online environment provides. In addition, for this, it demands the same attention from the company to which it is directed as if it were to contact it in person.

Thus, this new consumer analyzes in more detail the offers he receives. But he always wants to save time when contacting a company or brand. If he does not find that comfort that he demands in any of his transactions, he will leave or stop trusting the company.

Therefore, digitization can no longer be considered an option . It has become a necessity for companies to remain competitive.

SMEs Why have you had to make a greater effort to achieve digitization ?

One of the main problems that SMEs have to implement new technologies is their budget. The limited economic capacity of these companies. Coupled with the current economic crisis, many businesses are forced to cut their expenses and when this happens, technology is usually one of the elements sacrificed.

Despite this, there are many small companies, especially those in the commerce sector, that have managed to implement technological tools to improve their interaction with the public . And it is that almost half of them, exactly 46%, have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), to manage interactions with potential customers.

It is important to highlight that one of the main challenges for local businesses will be the reinforcement of online sales channels . This digital strengthening will greatly benefit companies in the retail sector. Those who have managed to recover thanks to store collection services or direct shipments to the home or office of their clients. Any product of direct communication through instant messaging systems, social networks, apps or interaction through calls.

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