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These Businesses Could Be The Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Distribution and Maintenance of 3D Printers

The idea is to do it with a dropshipping model so that it fits within the investment limit that we maintain in this report. There are already many manufacturers and it is expensive to get involved in making them, but the intermediation services between producers and buyers, with advice and well explaining the differences of each one based on the needs of each business or individual, are businesses with little cost and many possibilities to get ahead.

And those who say they distribute and advise also say a repair and maintenance service for these printers is a great opportunity, since, unlike what happens with drones, the manufacturers of these printers do not usually offer this type of service. They are products that are very blocked if they do not know how to use them.

Tailor-made Adaptations

Who says computer support says customized solutions for SMEs that cannot solve their needs with the products that exist in the market. And they cannot invest large amounts in it either.

Training For Engineers

In the field of engineering, a revolution will take place in the way of generating projects. The use of Autocad, the program par excellence for engineers and architects, is changed to the BIM system, which allows generating 3D projects, much more precise than those obtained with Autocad. It is the step towards intelligent architecture and they tell us that experts are needed to help other professionals adapt to this process.

Drone Consulting

There are undoubtedly many opportunities around drones: be it the distribution of brands, a repair workshop, advice to companies that want to be operators: documentation management with the State Agency for Aviation Safety (AESA); choice of insurance for each type of aircraft, choice of the best aircraft and equipment to carry out the work… But, be careful, because all the people we have spoken with telling us that it is such an incipient market that changes can occur and many of these opportunities may take time to be profitable.

Specialized Destination Firms

The idea is to look for destinations where there is no presence of large law firms but which are growing: the Arab Emirates, Russia, Equatorial Guinea. An opportunity that firms such as Grupo RLD, Almansa, or L&S Abogados are taking advantage of.

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