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Business Ideas That You Still Don’t Know

In our monthly selection of international businesses that are already successful in other countries, we propose 7 ideas that have surprised us by their ability to adapt here.

1. Data Management Tool For Buses & Fleet Management

Mobility management platform for bus fleets that want to optimize their routes, reduce costs, and improve the user experience. Thanks to intelligent management of the data, it allows us to better know the rush hours, the most suitable routes, and the real-time used on each route. Thanks to its AI technology, big data, and machine learning, it is possible to anticipate how route times will fluctuate by hours of the day, week, or season and how external events such as weather, traffic, and city events can affect, thus generating more reliable schedules for passengers.

The solution is found precisely in digitization, thanks to intelligent fleet management systems. Fleet management provides data and answers to all important questions about, in terms of their operation and activity, allowing process optimization and reducing warehouse operating costs. Fleet management software offers completely new possibilities for mastering growing logistics challenges.

2. Redesign Lifelong Products

The sequel is a Femtech (technology applied to women’s health) company created by two Stanford University Product Design Engineering graduates and former world-class athletes. Its objective is to reinvent mass consumer products that are traditionally in the hands of large distribution companies.

They have started with the tampons they have worked on to create their proposal on a study of fluid mechanics. The result is a tampon that prevents premature leakage to give women more comfort and safety even when doing sports activities. The redesigned items will be sold in stores and through an online store that is still in beta.

3. Management Of Sensitive Data

SpotlightAI is a data management tool that helps companies comply with data regulations by anonymizing sensitive data. A SaaS that adapts easily to its clients’ websites and that helps to manage and share data in a very short time and in a secure way, a process that usually costs developers and auditors several months. The tool works like a data audit that detects and removes confidential information or transforms critical data in seconds so that it can be shared without incurring illegality.

4. Plastic Management Of Companies

Repurpose is a platform that helps companies reduce their environmental footprint by offering plastics credit. The idea is similar to that developed by other platforms with CO2 credits (if I have contaminated a lot of credit exchange with a company that has CO2 “savings”), only in this case the credits are obtained by contracting through the startup to a community of local recyclers who are responsible for collecting and recycling plastics.

It is a way of helping companies that cannot establish more efficient processes. The startup verifies that the processes are done correctly and becomes a kind of one-stop-shop for companies that want to advance in sustainability.

5. A Network Of Professional Contacts

A faster and more accurate way to network for students. The ladder is fostering a community of students (previously called Remote Students) around the world so they can access like-minded and role-minded individuals, share experiences about their careers, and access mentors to assist them in their professional development. Something like an exclusive Linkedin and for a young audience in which they can also access jobs, scholarships, and contests before they are made public on other platforms.

To be a member of the community, you have to ask the administrators for an application or get a recommendation from other members. An idea that they say, can generate more income per user than Linkedin.

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