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Should Your Company Need To Have Social Networks?

Countless articles cover this topic, and the conclusion of every one of them is that your company must have a presence on social networks.

However, and far from seeking to oppose all the fellow marketers who have exposed the importance of occupying a space in the new media, I would like to expose a reality: you must be wherever your audience is.

Does your company need to be present on social networks?

In recent years, social networks have become another means of communication, gaining ground over traditional media and positioning itself as a very good option to publicize, promote, and even sell products and services.

Various studies confirm that users of social networks increase every year and, that is why having a presence on them guarantees, in some way, that your products and services reach your potential customers.

Before launching into creating a profile on any of the existing social networks, you should ask yourself a few questions.

What social networks is my target audience on?

As with traditional media, each social network has its audience and knowing it is essential to determine the medium in which it is worth creating content.

What is my target audience looking for in these social networks?

Even if the same person has profiles on different networks, they do not look for the same type of content. Social networks are more immediate, networks that serve as entertainment and networks in which information is sought. Know what each of them offers and adapt your communications to what your audience needs and demands.

How many profiles can I have?

It is very important that if you create a profile, it is to take care of it and keep it updated. Although it is important to have a presence on the networks, the image you give in them and an abandoned profile is even more important, and it does not make a good impression!

Reasons why you should open social networks for your business

The benefits that social networks can bring to your company are many and very diverse, but the main ones (and those that will help you convince yourself to take the step) are the following:

  • They improve the visibility of your business economically and directly.
  • Increase traffic to your website or online store.
  • They favour two-way communication. We are no longer on a bulletin board or looking at a catalogue, now the client responds to you, and their opinions and impressions will help you make decisions.
  • They work as a branding campaign, help you create a brand, and improve your reputation. Without intermediaries, there is only you and your client.
  • They help you in the study of the target audience and also of the competition. You can have them all under the microscope and leverage the information you collect to make smart, evidence-based business decisions.
  • They generate feedback.
  • They enable the segmentation of messages.

You know the first steps and the benefits that social networks can bring to your business. Now you just have to assess if they are the right space to project your brand and launch yourself into it. To do so and not make mistakes, we recommend that you train in the field and manage your social media marketing strategy professionally.

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