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PDF QR Code Generators: A Quick And Handy Guide

QR codes have come a long way since their introduction in the tech world.

Though they were first invented in 1994, they’ve only become widely used in the past decade or so.

Nowadays, you might use these codes on a regular basis to access videos or websites on your phone, just like when you’re in a restaurant and you scan a QR code to look at the menu.

But did you know that you can utilise this tech yourself as an easy, hassle-free way to share PDF files?

In this article we’ll go through the process of creating your own PDF QR code, and the benefits of doing so over more traditional file sharing methods.

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What is a PDF QR Code Generator?

A PDF QR code generator is an online tool used to convert PDF files into QR codes.

The QR code generator encodes the link to the PDF so it can be read and understood by phone cameras.

When scanned, this QR code file provides an instant pathway to accessing the original PDF file.

As QR codes can be scanned by any modern smartphone, this means that almost anybody can use your QR code to access and view your PDF file, without the need for manually downloading the file itself.

It also means that digital PDFs can be shared through print media, such as newspapers and books.

How Do I Use PDF QR Code Generators?

Using online QR code generators couldn’t be simpler.

Simply access the code generator website (such as the one linked above) and copy and paste in the URL to the PDF into the text box. Alternatively, you can directly upload the PDF from your computer or mobile device.

The PDF QR code will then be generated.

From here, you can also customise the appearance of your QR code. You can adjust the colour, the design of the “eyes” of the code, whether the code has a circular or square outline, and more.

It’s always best to test your newly generated PDF QR code after it’s been generated to double-check that it’s functional and working as it should be.

After doing all that, your QR code is ready to use and print!

What Are the Benefits of PFD QR Code Generators?

PDF QR Code generators offer a much simpler and quicker way of sharing PDF documents than traditional means, such as email.

As the only tool needed is a smartphone, PDFs can be made to be readily accessible, sharable and downloadable across a variety of digital and physical mediums.

There’s no need to send the file directly to the recipient – all the person on the other end needs is the QR code, and they can download the file anytime, anywhere.

This allows for you to reach a far wider audience for your files than would normally be possible.

Another benefit is being able to edit and re-route existing QR codes using dynamic QR code technology.

This allows you to change the PDF that’s accessed when a QR code is scanned. This does away with the need to have to produce new QR codes for different PDFs every time.

Closing Thoughts

PDF QR code generators are a convenient alternative to sharing files when you want to reach a wide audience, or need a quick and easy way for people to access files.

Interested in learning more and using one for yourself?

Be sure to check out Beaconstac for their PDF QR code generator and other QR code tools and services.

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