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How To Make An Android App In 2021 | 10 Easy Steps

The first available android smartphone was the HTC Dream, also called T-Mobile G1, promulgated on September 23, 2008. At that time android’s producers were thinking about turning mobiles to touch screens.

As you can see that time is passing, there are billions of smartphones with different functions all over the world, producers are changing them day by day, improving and making new ones. They are making mobiles easy to use for people worldwide.

Besides smartphones, some apps can be a handful for people too. The app makers are trying to create handy apps for users. Spend their time in the apps, and while they are on it enjoy their time.

Since then technology, business, and everything else has grown. If you want to make an android app in 2021, there are 10 easy steps that you will see if you keep reading.

1. App Strategy

You should have a clear idea about the app you want to create, your goals, and your target audience. If the app you decide to make exists, search for your competitors, try to give your users unique experiences and applications. But if the app doesn’t exist, be the first person in your business that has an application. So it’s time to create a unique application for your users.

2. Choose Application Name

The app name will introduce you and your business to the people who don’t know about you. Try to choose the unique, easy to remember, and easy to pronounce name for the app, it will help your customers remember your app. The name that reflects your brand and business can help you, too.

Remember, if you already have a flourishing business or a website for your brand, you better continue with the similar or same name for your existing and loyal customers.

3. App Icon and Background

The app icon is something your users see while they look at their screens. If your company or business has a logo use it for the icon. But if you don’t have a logo, it’s time to start to create a logo for your app.

The important thing about the app in the background. You should choose the right background for your app.

If you need more information, Android application development in Australia will give you a hand.

4. Colors and Fonts

What is important besides what you write?

That’s correct the way you want to write, how to write it, and even how it looks is important. When choosing fonts and colors, be careful that it has to be readable and easy to understand to users. Select the most comfortable and enjoyable colors and fonts.

5. Test the Application

Always remember to test your application before it launches. The app producers that don’t test their app have regret. By alpha and beta testing, you can avoid and find out about your app bugs. Alpha testing is more important. But while alpha testing is done, it’s going to be better to do the beta testing.

6. Security

The essential factor in every application is its security and safety. These days the app developers tighten the security of the apps by updating them. You better make users sure that your application is safe and ensure the security of the app. By the time you build trust more people use your app; it will be a wonderful way for you to grow your business up.

7. Publish the App

The process for publishing the app is different for different app stores. By the time an app is ready to publish, developers are thinking about ways to publish the app. But once you spread your app in the google play store for android devices, people can easily find your app and use it.

8. Free Download

Most people want to use free download apps, but there is still competition between free and paid apps. As you know there are lots of android apps in the market, so it’s better to have free download apps.

If you are thinking about creating an ecommerce app and making money. You can set some limits on the app, and when users reach that limit, you turn your app into a paid one.

9. Update the Application

Remember to update the app once in a while. Try to make the application handy and better, get rid of the bugs, and make it easy to understand for your users. Fix small and big problems. Make the app as handy as possible. Promoting helps you keep your users in the app, and they come back to your apps. It would be better if you tell users about the changes on your updates.

10. Ask User for Feedback

Have engagement with your users, ask them what they need, what you can do for them to have fun, ask them to give you feedback, what they feel about your application. Share their opinion with others.

If users have problems with your app, help them; Answer what they ask politely. Connect to your users to know them better.


Making an application and trying to promote it are two essential things that most businesses deal with. Making an app is a way to find you, customers. And by updating it shows you your loyal customers. There are ten steps to create an android app that you can use while choosing to make an app.

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