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E-commerce – Your Best Internet Weapon

Opening borders to the online universe through a corporate website, social networks, blog, and even electronic commerce can have numerous benefits for your business. But the presence of these supports requires much more than the creation of the platform, you have to know how to manage them correctly to achieve positive results. Do you want to know the three keys to make your business take off?

Keys to making online commerce your best weapon

Differentiate yourself from your competition

To carry out this complicated task, the first thing you must do is analyze the market in which you are. The more you know about it, the better you will be able to identify those unexplored market niches or those needs that have not yet been covered. This will help you guide your e-commerce strategy. Sometimes it is not about selling a new product, but about giving it a different approach.

There are many success stories that have used that crack in the market to gain a foothold, Mr. Wonderful is a clear example of this. The professionals of this company have managed to position themselves as a benchmark in a product as common as stationery items. What is the key to your success? Your way of offering your products as a concept. They do not sell notebooks, they sell a way of seeing life.

Create communities

The Internet has changed the way we communicate with our customers. The conversation now goes in both directions and you have to know how to take advantage of it. Learn to precisely manage your new relationship with the public. Become a benchmark in the sector by giving your followers quality material on your corporate blog, offer conversation topics that revolve around your business through your social networks, and manage customer service quickly and effectively.

Let’s imagine that your business is a mobile phone. If in your corporate blog you offer comparisons on terminals (those that you have in your electronic commerce) and in your social networks there are debates on the subject, your clients will find in your supports all the answers they seek and you will be able to gain their trust.

Manage data the right way

If there is a magical way to excel your sales thanks to the network, this part of the great ease with which the public is known thanks to the enormous amount of data that they offer for free.

When you achieve that valuable community we were talking about, you will have a lot of data about your target audience that, if you know how to manage, will help you turn your followers into loyal customers.

The best example of good work in this area is Amazon. The key to the success of your e-commerce is a large amount of data they handle and the good management they do with it.

The company uses all the information it receives to closely monitor the purchasing processes and the tastes, wishes, and needs of its customers. In this way, you offer personalized communications and your messages do not become removable material, since you offer information about something that you know your audience will be interested in.

Tools available to online commerce

Of course, there are many other ways to make your business stand out on the Internet and all of them start from correct and beneficial use of the many tools that are available. Its use is both for freelancers and scalable to large companies:


Take advantage of everything you know about your customers to create an optimal email marketing campaign. Send newsletters with relevant information on the sector and take advantage of your monitoring of the purchase process to make reminders to those users who enter products in the shopping cart but, for some reason, back down at the last minute.

Search engines

Imagine that you sell second-hand cars and rank with those keywords, but your target audience every time they want a car puts “used cars” in search engines. They will never get to you! Knowing the search engines is important to know where you should be before the needs of your target audience.


There are many alternatives on the internet: steal-pages, pop-up, advertising on social networks, videos on YouTube … Make a study of the characteristics of each of them and identify the benefits they could bring to your business.


Placed on the correct pages they can generate a lot of traffic to your e-commerce. Learning to differentiate the types that exist and their possible locations will help you increase your sales.

Marketing on the Internet

Among all the benefits of online marketing, there is one that is perhaps the one that communication agencies value the most: the immediate measurement of results. If you learn to analyze the feedback from your communication actions, you will be able to modify your campaigns until you find the formula that works best for you according to your market and your target audience.

Effective websites

To position correctly in search engines or simply so that your customers do not get lost and abandon in the middle of the purchase process, you must have a navigable and intuitive website. Use a simple scheme and make sure that all the links are pointing correctly.

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