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Retargeting: Discover What It Is And What It Is For

You have just searched for an item in an online store or made a purchase, you enter a digital media outlet and suddenly an ad appears for the previous product or for the store you were browsing. Surely it has happened to you or it sounds familiar to you, right?

Retargeting, that is the name we give to this action. If it doesn’t ring a bell and it hasn’t been part of any of your marketing actions, you’ve come to the right place. Next I am going to tell you what retargeting is and what it is for . How it can help you achieve results and improve the visibility of your company in the digital environment.

How does retargeting work?

We will start by differentiating between the two types of retargeting that exist, retargeting using pixels or using lists. Each of them works in a different way.

Pixel-based retargeting

This is the best known and most common in its use. It works in a way that shows your products or articles that you want to highlight to users who enter your website again in display advertising.

When someone accesses the website where you have this pixel installed, it is added to the visitor’s browser with a cookie and this causes the ads to be displayed in the different media and digital portals.

The main advantages are that it is specific to your website and works according to consumer behavior. A disadvantage is the low volume of people in the campaign, since it will depend on the frequency in which they enter your website.

List-based retargeting

If you already have people’s contact information in a database, list-based retargeting is the way to go.

This type of retargeting is used when you already have people’s contact information in a database. You can set lists for certain ads as well.

A list is created with the contact emails, it is uploaded to the platform where you are going to carry out your retargeting campaign, usually on Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. It will be the platform that distinguishes the user with the email to show him the ad.

The main advantage is that the aspects to take into account are more personalized and the disadvantage is that if the user has a different email address on the social network, they will not see the ads, in addition to being a self-created list, it is not as automatic as the retargeting pixel.

How many types of retargeting are there?

Retargeting in social networks

Social networks such as Facebook or Instagram have their own retargeting method that collects data on behaviors or tastes, among others, about users. They are collected within the pixel and it is very useful to focus your campaign on a more specific audience.

Retargeting en crm

This type of retargeting uses databases from your CRM so that the ads are shown to users who have already visited your site.

Email retargeting

When an email marketing is sent, a tracking code is added within it that installs cookies within the browser. Allows the ad to be shown to the user who has opened the email.

Dynamic retargeting

It is the most suitable for e-commerce, personalized ads are displayed based on the products that have been purchased or visited. Analyze the most relevant content for each person.

Static retargeting

It is often used when you have many ad formats. It generates more sales than the dynamic one and the leads are of higher quality.

Site retargeting

Install cookies in the user’s browser to show the ads when they finish the visit to the web.

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