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ChatGPT Tools Useful For Human Resources

Nowadays, artificial intelligences are everywhere and even invite themselves into companies. AI like chatGPT also has useful features for HRDs. The company RH Tomorrow has carried out analyzes which have made it possible to classify the 10 most promising tools. She then presents the notes as well as the issues related to these tools.

The company RH Tomorrow has researched the features of ChatGPT that can be useful for human resources. She was able to identify 10 interesting features that could be effective. The company based its request on its needs and on the contributions that AI can offer for the productivity of the company. There are useful features for recruitment, file selection and personnel management . Each of these tools has its specificities, advantages and disadvantages. It should be remembered that artificial intelligence like chatGPT has some flaws despite its effectiveness. But, an IT consultant can be done to look into it and solve them.

What are these different features?

The search performed on ChatGPT 3.5 had the query: “What are the 10 useful ChatGPT tools for HR managers?” Thanks to this, RH Tomorrow Theory was able to draw the most interesting tools from it:

  • ChatGPT API
  • Recruitment chatbot
  • Analyze the CV
  • Automated responses to common questions
  • Integration training
  • Assistance to employees
  • Schedule planning
  • Evaluation of performances
  • Analysis of employee feedback
  • Formation continues

Each of these tools can be used in the recruitment process or employee management.

To find the tools that correspond to the needs of a company, it is quite possible to carry out an IT consultation . This will let the company know whether it needs to integrate new software or not.

What are the pros and cons of these tools?

During the analysis carried out on these tools, it has been shown that each of them has its advantages and its shortcomings. Indeed, RH Tomorrow was able to study them, which made it possible to assign them marks.

Among the most noticed advantages is the speed of execution, which undoubtedly improves HR productivity. As an example, for the Recruitment Chatbot, it was rated 4/5 for productivity. It automates recruitment, which saves HR time for other tasks.

That said, despite the advantages, there are of course the flaws . The reduction of human contact is one of them. For example, the employee support tool is rated 3/5 in terms of productivity. Indeed, the lack of humanity does not solve problems effectively. In addition, it could possibly put employees’ personal information at risk.

Another example, the employee feedback analysis feature is also not entirely reliable. Indeed, generative AIs can interpret comments in another way, which can be misleading.

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