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The 8 Best Destinations In The World For Those Who Love Gambling Risk

There is a category of tourists who prefer the thrill and adrenaline of the game to dream beaches and guided tours in historic cities. The emotions of the green table or the slot machines, therefore, become the main purpose of the holiday, but this does not mean locking yourself in a casino all the time.

In fact, many of the ideal destinations for players offer many other points of interest, since they are located in very popular and often very popular tourist locations. A gaming holiday, therefore, allows you to combine a passion for gaming with the opportunity to travel, relax and do the activities you prefer.

Are you already thinking about the poker strategies to implement on your next vacation? To make it easier for you to choose your destination, we have selected those not to be missed in Europe and in the world, especially taking into consideration the places that offer things to do beyond the casino, to also meet the needs of companions who may not be interested in the game.

The Best Destinations In The World

If you intend to broaden your horizons and choose a holiday destination outside Europe, here are some of the places not to be missed for live casino

Las Vegas

In the first place, there could only be Las Vegas, the city of gaming par excellence. On the famous “strip” there are so many casinos and the interesting aspect is that staying in hotels with gambling halls costs slightly less than the average. Also perfect for those who love shows, Las Vegas in recent years has expanded its tourist offer becoming a destination for the whole family.


Macau is often referred to as the Las Vegas of China. The presence of numerous casinos makes it the most popular destination in Asia for players. Here there is no shortage of attractions, clubs, restaurants, and monuments that testify to the colonial past marked by Portuguese domination.

Atlantic City

The second-largest American gambling city is Atlantic City, located in New Jersey about 200 kilometers from New York. Overlooking – as the name implies – the Atlantic Ocean, this location offers several high-end gaming rooms, as well as luxury restaurants and hotels. A curiosity: the names of its streets inspired the boxes of the famous Monopoly.


An alternative destination for playing at the green table in Melbourne, which with its casinos is perfect to start betting, but also proves to be a complete destination for all-round tourism in the southern part of Australia.

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