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The Website As The Center Of Local Digital Marketing

How important is your own website for small and medium-sized companies and what can and should be done to make it an important and effective tool for customer acquisition and sales increase? Here you will find answers, tips, and tricks.

Mobile First – Google Is Switching

If a website is not yet optimized for mobile use, now is the time to act. Because with the Mobile-First indexing, which should be completed by March 2021, Google has completely focused on the content and performance of the mobile version of websites. Whereas the desktop version of a website was previously used for indexing and ranking, it is now only a mobile website. In order to continue to be included in Google searches, mobile and desktop must have the same content and structure. If you do not update your site in time, you have to be prepared for a loss of visibility and a downgrade in the ranking. Read here in our blog post what exactly you need to consider when making the switch.

Is Having Your Own Website Really That Important?

A representative survey commissioned by Greven Medien showed that around one in four considers it unprofessional if a company does not have its own website. Your website is your calling card. And the best thing about it is: You can determine the content and keep the rights of all content such as texts, images, and links. In addition, your website is equally accessible to all Internet users. If you have only been present on Facebook or in other networks so far: remember that you are excluding all potential customers who are not part of these networks. Nor is there any guarantee that the networks will exist forever. With your own website, you have the opportunity to generate your own followers and use SEO evaluations to measure where the strengths of your offer lie. This is the only way you can react quickly and optimize your offer. Your own website is your potential and your number one means of communication.

What Can I Do To Help Potential Customers In The Region Find My Website?

It is crucial that you determine from the outset: what are the search terms – or keywords – relevant to your company in your industry and region. If you were to look for yourself as a customer on the Internet: what would you enter intuitively? You can also trust your own feelings here. First, try to find five to ten search terms from the user’s perspective. Think about keywords that a potential customer would probably choose if they wanted to find you.

How Do I Generate New Contacts Through My Website?

With your new website, you don’t just want to be found on the Internet, you also want to activate specific contacts. The users should linger, interact and consequently become your customers, patients, or visitors to your shop. If this does not happen automatically, it could be due to a lack of “call to action”. That is why we recommend placing a contact form prominently on your page as a first step. The contact request must be made as easy as possible for the potential customer. Another possibility is free checklists to check what needs to be considered in a planned roof renovation, for example. Ideally, your customers will have the option of booking an appointment directly from your website. So the first step has been taken and a binding

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