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Start An Online Shop – A Business Idea For Everyone?

Are you thinking about selling a product online? Then you need an online shop. We’ll show you what that is and what your options are in the following article.

What is an online shop?

Online shops are the most online sales platforms through which products can be purchased and where the entire sales process is displayed on a website. This excludes forms where products can be ordered but where personal contact with an employee is necessary.

Online shops can contain a single product but also millions of products, such as on Amazon. Most internet users today have already made several purchases in an online shop.

Who can start an online shop?

Here’s the good news – anyone can start an online shop – including you! The barriers to entry are minimal today and are easily feasible, even from a financial perspective.

This is because turnkey shop systems can be installed on a server with just a few clicks. However, it is still more accessible with a shop provider. You can create an account and open your own store in just a few minutes. Read below why this is not necessarily the right solution.

If you have an idea for an exciting product or are already selling one, you can earn money online through your shop.

Points to consider:

  • To make sales, you must register a business or be legally competent to do business in another capacity.
  • Although cheaper options are available, it only makes sense to start a shop if you have a specific budget. Further costs will be incurred (production, shipping and, above all, marketing).
  • Plan the launch of your sales platform sufficiently so as not to lose money.

Are you still interested in starting a shop? Then read on.

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Create an online shop – these options are available.

As mentioned, you can get your online shop in various ways. The most important ones are:

  • Shop system software – You can install a shop system, such as WooCommerce, on your web hosting. This is quite simple, but it entails many settings and extensions that make it difficult. It can be a never-ending game if you have no experience with it.
  • Shop providers – Today, there are countless shop providers where you can easily open a store. This is, of course, very interesting in terms of effort. However, the problems there usually start with individualization. Since this is a requirement from the provider, not all things can be adjusted yourself. Furthermore, many providers are from the USA, where laws may apply.
  • Have an online shop created – If you want to do it professionally, then there is no way around having your shop. This way you can design the shop the way you like. In addition, all settings are tailored precisely to you.
  • Website with payment provider – Another option is to offer products via your website and then redirect buyers to a payment provider (e.g. Digistore or Elopages). This is very simple and works if you have very few products.

Evaluate your needs to find out which option is right for you.

Create an online shop.

If you start with a specific budget, you have good opportunities to create a great shop. You can hire a professional agency to make it. The advantages? You get an individual shop presenting your brand and products in the best light. You can also optimize your customers’ entire sales process to achieve the highest possible conversion.

Creating an online shop is an excellent method to get a shop that successfully sells products. This way, you can incorporate your ideas and start selling quickly.

The online shop is up – what now?

The sales platform you have created is just the first step. Now you have to get eyes on your shop. Marketing is, therefore, the be-all and end-all of selling on the web. Without visitors, you don’t sell anything.

It’s best to think about your marketing strategy in advance and how you can implement it from day one.

For example, consider whether advertising on social networks makes or more traditionally via Google might make sense. But the Internet also offers completely different ways, such as with influencers on Instagram.

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