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Website: 10 Tips To Follow For 2023

Do you want to start creating a website but don’t know where to start? Here, we reveal our best tips for having a top-notch site!

Do you already have a website, or would you like to create one to give yourself visibility on the internet?

Do you want to do things right? You are quite right! The e-commerce site allows you to increase your brand visibility, reach a broader target, and seize new opportunities.

New trends in design and user expectations, discover here our best tips for having an up-to-date website (read without moderation).

Ten tips to follow in 2023 for your website

The users in 2023, their expectations, their needs, and the trends for this new year in web design content marketing: we tell you everything!

More than ever, your website must be visually pleasing, easy to use, and pleasant to navigate.

1. The human, the human, and the human

“Number one” rule, and not the least! This is the most important, and you will quickly understand it.

People at the heart of your site in 2023. This practice has already been very present in recent years. With the global health crisis we are experiencing, the place of humans has never been so important.

How can you highlight the human element on your site? It is through your graphics, your design, your images, and your content that you will bring humanity to your site.

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2. Make the user experience more accessible.

For e-commerce sites, in particular, it is necessary to facilitate the customer’s purchasing journey. Whether to add a product to the basket, choose the delivery method, or validate the payment. The whole process should be simple!

We recommend that you make several delivery methods available to do this. Leave the choice to the consumer! Let him pay less to have it delivered to a relay point or pay more to be delivered faster.

The same goes for payment solutions. In 2023, consumers will increasingly use different online payment solutions. Therefore, increasing the number of payment methods on your e-commerce site is strongly recommended. You can also offer payment in several installments for more expensive products.

Offer the purchase without creating an account: it’s simple, quick, and effective. The consumer gets straight to the point. In 2023, consumers want to buy quickly more than ever. Creating an account is often perceived as a tedious step. This obligation to create an account can create frustration and lead to shopping cart abandonment. It is best to offer purchasing without creating an account to encourage conversions.

These three elements will allow you to satisfy the consumer; do not miss these precious opportunities.

3. Do Storytelling and Be Authentic

Tell your story, your know-how, your brand values, the origin of your products… This speech will allow you to reassure your target and create an authentic sphere where the consumer will feel good.

Tell your story, yes, but a true story without artifice! Take care of your content around your brand throughout the site: presentation of your brand description of products to convey your values ​​and your brand universe.

4. Offer personalized content

Personalize your speech. Be distinctive, authentic, and differentiating.

Be reassuring! In your content, mainly the information on your website: contact information, payment terms, delivery types, legal notices, etc.

Highlight the reassurance elements that will reassure your visitors and potential customers on your website. Do not tout your services at all costs, at the risk of scaring away your reader. Instead, try to reassure your visitors, talk about the benefits of your offer, and show that you are the solution to their problem.

What is essential is to put yourself in your target’s shoes by trying to understand and understand their needs so that you can provide them with the best possible customer experience.

When you write your content, place yourself as a reader and think about what you want to read and what emotions you want to feel.

With a targeted message, an adapted and coherent design, and harmonized Storytelling filled with emotions, values, and a touching brand story.

5. Dare to use offbeat graphics

Break the Symmetry

To humanize and create movement, don’t hesitate to break absolute symmetries. Asymmetry will allow you to bring dynamism. Attention! However, you must balance the elements (texts, images, illustrations) to have a pleasant aesthetic result.

Dare to mix Photos – Illustrations

Are you undecided? Can’t decide between photos and illustrations? Do not panic! Use both.

Is mixing these two types of creation possible? Yes yes! It’s an excellent idea. You will create a unique graphic universe that resembles you and which will differentiate you from your competitors. Create beautiful illustrations in your image, allowing you to add a pep to your website.

Illustration will allow you to strengthen your brand image, make an impression, and be more easily recognizable and identifiable.

Add Handmade!

Handmade is good. Handmade allows you to bring character and a unique personality to your site.

We will never tell you enough that man must be at the heart of your site. And to highlight it, there is nothing better than using hand-drawn illustrations. Opt for a slightly more abstract effect, ultimately coming closer to reality.

Once again, these handmade illustrations will allow you to stand out from the crowd and stand out from the competition. But that’s not all…They will also instil certain emotions in your visitor. And emotions, we will never stop talking to you about them. It’s (very) important!

Psst… To learn more about emotions in your web content, read this great article: 5 writing tips.

Humanize enhances your personality and the unique character of your brand.

6. Add colours

Color Level: Dark Mode, Flashy Colour, or Total White Look!

Dark mode: black is the primary colour!

Are you going to dare? The idea here is to create contrast with a dark background and light graphic elements. The advantage of dark mode is that it makes design elements stand out more quickly.

Black brings elegance, sobriety, and refinement. Representative of a contrasting design, it allows you to highlight the elements that revolve around it.

Flashy for the more playful: play on strong contrasts!

Total white look: simple and effective!

Black or flashy colours are not your thing? Are they not suitable for your brand? Do not worry! White is here!

With the white background, it gives free rein to the imagination. Everything is possible. You can integrate frames, shapes, distinct colours, and contrasting typography with an XXL format to energise your site and add relief.

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7. Play with fonts

Little by little, typography is becoming more comfortable and increasingly important in communication media.

It takes up more and more space and appears in XXL proportions to bring dynamism, depth, and boldness. Typography then becomes a graphic element in its own right.

So, play with the size of the fonts to create a movement effect. You can also use different fonts and mix handwritten, serif, sans serif, script, Egyptian typographies…

8. Could you keep it simple?

Remember to keep it simple so as not to lose the user. Go to the essential while offering a sophisticated, in-depth, professional visual.

Minimalism is on the rise! Don’t complicate your task with too much extravagance. Opt instead for simplicity, authenticity, and proximity!

Minimalism allows you to convey your message just as much, and contrary to what you think, it can be more easily remembered.

9. Think phone before the computer

Web design is primarily consumed on the phone. A new approach must be considered before anything else, hence the expression “mobile first.”

Before doing anything, you need to think about the design of your future website on the phone to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

10. Think about the interface and user experience

The main objective you must keep in mind is to combine visual pleasure with the site’s visual appearance and ease of use with efficient and understandable features. These two elements combined will allow you to reinforce the user’s desire to browse your site in its entirety, to return to your site, or to talk about it to those around them.

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