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Three Tips For Choosing A Colour Scheme For Your Website

Being present on the Internet with your homepage is sometimes like a gold mine. Many service companies and business owners who prefer to rely on the tried and tested continue to underestimate this. The clocks now turn differently, and those who don’t keep up with the times may miss the opportunity of a lifetime. Although not every service can be implemented on the Internet, having your website can also boost an offline business. In this article, we would like to explain why it makes sense to have your website and why you should pay attention to a suitable colour scheme.

Your home on the Internet – a potential gold mine

If you sell products in a physical store, you should also offer them online. Covid-19 has shown how important it is to have your online shop. It’s not too late to jump on the train. Get advice from professionals and create a shop where your customers will find what they are looking for!

You don’t sell products, but services? Even then, a website is important. Many interested people look online for opening hours, ask customer service questions or look for price lists. An online presence is also a good way to reserve appointments. So you see, even if you work traditionally, an appearance on the Internet has a benefit.

The more information you give your readers, the more they trust you. Even if you are a hairdresser, you can communicate with customers. Write a blog and give tips against dry hair, offer online type advice and the like. Try to work interactively with the community to make them loyal to you. Now you probably understand better why the Internet is such a customer magnet.

Use colour psychology for your projects

In this article, we would like to go into colour psychology. Maybe you program your website yourself, or you want to hire someone. With our information, you get a good piece of basic knowledge that you can use. Colours are important in advertising and should reflect what you want to express with your brand. Large corporations all work with it, and the success proves you right. With our three tips, your appearance can appear more professional if you implement them.

Tip 1: Decide on a colour scheme

If you already have a logo or corporate design, you should adapt your website accordingly. Many websites appear more authentic if they are not too overloaded. A plain white and a bright logo makes for a sudden appearance. Once you’ve decided on a colour scheme, stick with it so your customers can remember the hues.

Always choose a complementary colour if you use other nuances, such as the background. You will find plenty of pictures and websites on the Internet that you can compare. If your logo is blue, the complementary colour would be orange, and if magenta, it would be green. If you choose such colour schemes, you can’t go wrong because these colours always harmonize with each other. Online arcades such as Vulkan Vegas often use simple colours, and the games’ thumbnails loosen it up a bit.

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Tip 2: Choose colours that match your business

Colour psychology is used specifically in advertising because it influences customers unconsciously. Many service providers reject such manipulation, but you should work with it if you want to sell something. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work without it.

Certain colours trigger certain stimuli in people. For example, red conveys security, which is why many banks and insurance companies choose this tone. Even state-owned companies usually opt for red as the colour. It stands for life, activity, power, and strength simultaneously. But some also associate bans, war and punishment with it. That is why it is a colour that exudes security and limitation for others. It all depends on the target group.

Green stands for nature, naturalness and harmony. Fairtrade companies, organic farms and garden and flower centres choose this colour to drive their business. Even companies that work ecologically use green, often with brown.

Blue is a deep colour, and it stands for consistency, trustworthiness and truth. Some social networks work with blue because they make users feel more comfortable and have good hands. If you want to convey trust, choose this colour. In addition to red, it is also often used by insurance companies.

Orange radiates joie de vivre, warmth, extravagance and freshness. This tone is often found on company websites, from beach clubs to family counsellors. Orange is also often represented in spiritual circles and gives customers more energy.

Black represents power, death and night. This colour can be found either on mystical forums or nightclub websites, celebrities, DJs and more. They often combine black with other colours to loosen it up a bit. It is also often associated with elegance and wealth when paired with metallic accents such as gold and silver.

Tip 3: Don’t overdo it with the colour

Unfortunately, some companies mistake using the colours too often and thus appear implausible. You don’t have to make the entire background green if you want to express closeness to nature. Even if your lettering is black, a small green tree in the logo already expresses what you want to say. Compared to the logos of well-known companies, they are mostly kept simple and do not appear exaggerated.

It also depends on where you will see the logo everywhere. As a massage therapist, you may need business cards. As an airline, the colour scheme should match everywhere: on the planes, on the seats in the plane, on the uniforms, on the scoreboards. As you can see, it always depends on the respective business. To find the optimal colour scheme for your company and website, it is best to consult a marketing professional. The investment is usually worthwhile because it increases the recognition effect, which acts like a magnet.


The right colours for your own business are important because they have a psychological effect on the one hand and create recognition value on the other. Do it like the successful companies, work with the customers’ feelings and thereby strengthen the attraction of interested people. Put the tips into practice, and don’t forget: less is often more!

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