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Why Your Business Needs Diversity and Sexual Harassment Training

Did you know that only about 30% of employees think that harassment is quickly addressed by their companies? You want your employees to feel safe and trust you, in doing this you need to take action before anything happens.

Diversity and sexual harassment are two important issues in the workplace that companies are trying to improve on. Keep reading and we will guide you through why you should have sexual harassment training and diversity training.

Diversity Training

What is diversity? Diversity is anything that can be used to show the differences between groups of people. This includes race, culture, religion, or lifestyle.

Diversity as a part of employee training is important because it brings awareness. It helps create a positive communication and a safe workplace.

Diversity brings different viewpoints that can help your company stand out from others. You may find a better way to talk to clients or solve a problem or tough project.

Ethnically diverse businesses are more likely to outperform their industry medians. It’s important to guide your employees through diversity from the start of their time there.

You can explain the different types of diversity and give examples. You can guide them on how to communicate. Read more about how Canva got ahead of diversity and inclusion in here.

Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual harassment in the workplace has become prevalent through the #MeToo movement. This encourages people to come forward if they experience a situation like this at work.

You need a system in place that provides a safe and confidential environment. You want your employees to feel safe sharing. You also want to make the consequences very clear if anyone were to commit sexual harassment or assault.

Your training should cover all of the basics, from what is sexual harassment to laying out instructions on what to do if this happens to you. It will help create trust in leadership amongst employees if they know your stance and know that they don’t tolerate it.

You should take preventive action because it can cause a public lawsuit and scandal if your company were to face these accusations. You should make sure your employees are aware of the implications they will face whether it’s a public or private situation.

There are several online providers for both diversity and inclusion training and sexual harassment training for employees. You can try out the training yourself to make sure they align with what your company. You want to send a message that aligns with company values.

Create a Safe Work Environment

Now that you know the importance of diversity training and sexual harassment training you need to implement and bring awareness to both in your company

You should provide different pieces of training for each one. They should covers the foundation for both. This includes what an incident like this entails, where they can report it, and the consequences that will follow the offender. This will help promote a safe work environment.

Start refining your diversity and sexual harassment policies and training or browse through various diversity and sexual harassment courses to help guide you through this process and provides training for your employees as well.

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