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Top Companies In 2021: These Employers Invest In Their Employees

The corona crisis has put many employees off their path. A current company ranking should now give hope and create prospects.

The corona pandemic has turned our lives upside down and also created challenges and new work models in everyday working life. Companies had to face problems, find creative solutions and at the same time ensure that their employees did not feel abandoned. But which employers did this particularly well? LinkedIn has compiled a ranking of the best companies for employees in 2021.

The ranking revolves around the needs of the employees

When creating the ranking, LinkedIn was about showing which companies are not just attractive to employees, but who are really investing in their careers. The employers were rated on the basis of seven categories: opportunities for advancement, further training, company stability, external job opportunities, sense of belonging, gender structure, and educational background of the employees. LinkedIn used its own data for the evaluation and only included companies that have at least 500 employees and a maximum fluctuation of 10 percent.

The aim of the ranking is to open up new perspectives for employees who have had a difficult year in 2020 and to help them take the next step in their careers. Because especially those who have been gripped by the corona blues, have lost their job or hardly knew what to do with themselves because of short-time work, need rays of light that lead out of the crisis. Therefore, here are the top companies in 2021 that strive for the well-being and advancement of their employees:

  • Siemens (industrial automation)
  • Volkswagen (automobile)
  • Adidas (sporting goods)
  • Hypovereinsbank – Unicredit (banking)
  • Henkel (consumer goods)
  • Schaeffler (mechanical engineering & industrial engineering)
  • Accenture (IT & Services)
  • Capgemini (IT & Services)
  • Bosch (IT & Services)
  • PwC (management consulting)
  • Novartis (Pharmaceuticals)
  • EY (accounting)
  • Axa (insurance)
  • Beiersdorf (cosmetics)
  • Evonik (chemistry)

You can find the complete ranking with all 25 top companies on LinkedIn. There you can also see which skills and positions are currently in demand in the respective company and which vacancies there are. Apart from that, you will receive interesting information about the current number of employees and the headquarters. Front-runner Siemens scores especially in terms of progress and future, so the company strives for the most modern technologies and is based on the principles of New Work. Despite the diesel scandal, VW scores above all with attractive working conditions and bonuses for long-term employees. At Adidas in third place, sustainability is also a top priority.

The LinkedIn ranking points to a labor market development that we have been observing for years: It is not only important for employees to get a good salary, but they also want more. They want employers who go hand in hand with their values, who take care of their needs, and who invest in their further training. Companies that understand this can often assert themselves in the war for talents and at the same time show new perspectives to those who have lost a lot as a result of the corona crisis.

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