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Risk Assessment At Work: Why Is It So Important?

What exactly is a risk assessment?

Risk assessment involves identifying all possible risks for the physical and psychological well-being of employees in the company. By systematically listing these potential sources of danger , measures can be taken in the next step to minimize risks as best as possible, which are the reason for the emergence of many complicated situations.

For a company that works with hazardous substances, the individual substance and the hazard it presents would be noted in the risk assessment. The necessary conditions that must be met to avoid associated injuries or safety risks could then be determined.

In the case of hazardous substances, this would mean procuring appropriate protective work equipment and clothing and instructing employees on how to properly put them on and how to handle them carefully. However, the highest priority in risk assessment is whether the hazardous substance can be replaced by a less hazardous one.

Not every danger can be avoided

For this reason, the risk assessment goes hand in hand with the user manual and instructions for all employees. To minimize the risk of injury or contamination, all employees must be instructed on how to deal with previously identified sources of danger.

How to proceed in the event of an emergency should also be discussed. Depending on the source of danger, the most important points are quickly visible to everyone in the published operating instructions. This is, for example, the handling of dangerous substances, electric tools, or durable rubber belts .

Accidents at work that can be prevented

Unfortunately, the most common work-related injuries are injuries that could be prevented with proper training and risk assessment, as well as the use of quality trekking shoes when working with loads.

Improper use of tools and machines also often leads to injuries. Accidents also happen time and time again due to improper lifting, carrying and storage, lack of experience or even blatant disregard for safety precautions.

While the latter means that regulations have been actively violated, in other cases ignorance is often the cause of their violation. But even ignoring the rules is sometimes based on a lack of awareness of the danger. If employees know in principle what precautions they need to take, but are unaware of the very real and very realistic dangers they face, this can have fatal consequences.

Therefore, as an employer, when instructing your employees, you should take care to make it clear to them the serious consequences that non-compliance can have for each individual.

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