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Why Do My Ears Hurt After Listening With Headphones?

Whether you’re traveling, working, or exercising, the quality of your headphones significantly affects the quality of your listening experience. If your headphones are too uncomfortable, or if you have the volume up too high, your ears may hurt even after you’re finished listening. By upgrading your music, podcast, or audiobook experience with the best comfortable earbuds on the market, you’ll never have to worry about discomfort during or after listening with headphones.

For many people, listening to music or podcasts with headphones is a component of their daily routine. If you’re commuting in the city or via public transit, you probably use your headphones every day. If you work from home, you might listen to headphones while you work. Unfortunately, listening to conventional earbuds for extended periods can lead to ear pain or headaches. In this article, we’ll identify a few of the most common reasons why your ears might be hurting after listening with headphones. By identifying what’s causing your ears to hurt, you’ll be able to find a new way to improve your listening experience.

Common Concerns That Can Cause Your Ears to Hurt

There are several situations in which your ears might hurt after listening to your headphones. Luckily, there’s usually a simple solution that can help to alleviate these concerns. Let’s take a look at some of the most frequent causes of headaches or ear pain following the use of headphones or earbuds.

Your Headphones Are Too Loud

High-volume levels, above 80% of your headphone’s maximum volume or decibel level, can have a lasting impact on your hearing and can sometimes contribute to hearing concerns such as tinnitus. If you can’t hear the person who’s sitting next to you, your headphones are probably too loud. However, this may or may not be the case, depending on your headphones’ bass or noise-canceling qualities. If you’re ever in doubt about what’s causing your ears to hurt, your first step should always be to turn the music down.

Your Headphones Are Too Tight

The comfort of your ears depends significantly on the fit and form of your earbuds or over-ear headphones. If your earbuds are too tight, consider switching insert pieces so that the overall size of the headphone is smaller. If you’re experiencing discomfort or pain from over-ear headphones, consider stretching out the device around a box or other household item so that the clamping effect around your ears is less severe. Alternatively, you may want to switch your headphones entirely, so that they are a better fit for the shape of your ears. Consider how easy or difficult it is to rotate the ear cuffs, how adjustable the overhead sliders are, and the size of the ear pads. If you’re searching for a new pair of headphones, avoid cheaper products below 25$ whenever possible.

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Your Headphones Aren’t Developed for Extended Listening

If your headphones feel physically uncomfortable after two or more hours of listening, it’s probably time to upgrade your listening experience by purchasing a new set of headphones. Earbuds that match the contour or shape of your ear can make listening for longer time periods significantly easier, reducing pain or general discomfort in and around your ears.

While new headphones might seem like an expensive upgrade, it’s usually an improvement of high value to your hearing health. In some cases, quality flexible materials adjust to the temperature of your ear so that the headphones become more comfortable the longer you listen. If you’re traveling, headphones that allow for extended listening are a must. If you listen to music while you’re working from home, you may also want to consider upgrading your tech.

Your Headphones Make Your Ears Itch

If your earbuds or headphones make your ears itch after an extended listening session, take stock of what the headphones are made of so you can choose a new product that won’t generate the same irritation. However, it may not always be your headphones that are to blame for this irritation. Allergic reactions and ear infections may be alternative causes of these concerns, particularly if your headphones restrict airflow around your ears or cause your ears to feel hot. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to disinfect your headphones and keep them clean.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing New Headphones

Ready to pick up a new pair of headphones that won’t cause any discomfort? First, consider the adjustability and flexibility of the product’s material, particularly if you’re looking at earbuds. The right material matches the size and shape of your ear without falling out when you’re running or sleeping. Next, check the technical specifications for the weight of the product. Heavy headphones, particularly over your ears, are significantly more likely to make your ears hurt. Don’t forget to select a headphone that matches your style, whether it’s wired, wireless, or tethered.

Finding a Balance of Comfort and Quality

For audiophiles, high-quality sound, including treble and bass, may seem like the essential factor to consider when selecting a new pair of headphones. However, comfort for your ears is of equal importance, as it helps to determine how long you can listen without pair or irritation. Luckily, there are plenty of headphone products available that bring a perfect balance of comfort and audio quality to your ears. Whether you’re listening to a podcast, audiobook, or album, you’ll have the perfect listening experience.

Conclusion- Why Do My Ears Hurt After Listening with Headphones?

If you’re experiencing discomfort from listening with headphones or earbuds, don’t hesitate to make the switch to a more comfortable product. In addition, don’t forget to lower the volume of your headphones more often. With the right headphones and listening habits, listening to music and podcasts, you’ll never have to worry about your ears hurting.

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