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What Tools Can You Use To Telework More Effectively?

Teleworking well cannot be improvised! Since the health crisis, many employees have had to adapt, as best they can, to their new working conditions from home. Now that hybrid work has become more widespread, what tools can we put in place to facilitate teleworking? Overview of existing solutions.

Tools for better teleworking performance

How do you maintain good performance while working remotely? Whether to manage meetings, lead the community, or monitor projects, different tools are available to facilitate teleworking collaboration.

Optimal meetings and video conferences for teams

Even when working remotely, it’s impossible to escape meetings! Videoconferencing is now essential for large gatherings but also interviews in small committees.

Video Conferencing tools should be easy to use. Many of them are free but with a time and participant limit.

The home workstation must, therefore, be equipped with at least the following:

  • A computer (connected to the internet)
  • An additional audio-video system if the computer does not have one (or if it is not sufficiently efficient): microphone, headset, webcam, or even speakers
  • Remote web meeting software: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cisco Webex Meetings, GoToMeeting, Livestorm… The choice is vast.

As part of regular teleworking, the employer is required to provide, install, and maintain the equipment necessary for the successful completion of the tasks of its employees. Communication costs are also covered. Solutions and help exist!

Effective project management, even remotely

Managing a project remotely can quickly prove to be an impossible challenge without adequate tools.

The development of remote working between colleagues has made it possible to democratize project management tools such as Trello. By relying on the Kanban method, a developed visual aspect and practical and ergonomic functionality, real-time project monitoring has become very simple, instantaneous, and reliable.

Other collaborative tools, such as Slack or Discord, will also make it possible to manage information flows, thanks to instant messaging on different channels in real-time and replacing communication by email, which remains very time-consuming and less reactive.

Tools to make the daily life of teleworkers easier

Working from home means, above all, working in good conditions. Solutions exist to make the worker’s daily life easier.

A pack to set up your workspace

In the case of teleworking from home, setting up an office area can quickly become necessary to be able to work in good conditions.

But setting up your workspace requires thought… and resources! To facilitate this new organization and equip itself correctly, the company can participate in the financial effort. Providing employees with a better quality of life while working remotely is an objective increasingly sought after by companies. These can rely on turnkey solutions such as Edenred Teleworking, for example.

Applications to organize your daily life

To manage your daily organization, various tools are available on the market. Instantly modify your schedule following an unforeseen event, have a document signed remotely, share a whiteboard… Everything is now possible remotely.

To make remote working even more flexible, documents that need to be viewed by all team members can be stored in the cloud with storage spaces (like Google Drive or Dropbox, for example). This makes sharing documents more accessible.

If that’s not enough and an actual brainstorming session is needed with your team, there are now collaborative virtual whiteboards. Klaxoon and Miro offer complete solutions in this area. Remotely managing your brainstorming or design thinking sessions becomes child’s play!

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Tools for optimal security in hybrid work

Maintaining optimal security, even when working from home, will save the company (and its employees!) many disappointments.

Improved security in the office and at home

When teleworking, the employee and his environment become the continuity of the physical establishment. The tools put in place must ensure that they work in optimal safety conditions.

The risks of cybercrime have increased significantly for organizations: phishing, ransomware, data theft, and false transfer orders (FOVI) have become commonplace. The development of teleworking has also led, in parallel, to that of cybercrime.

The recommendations of Cybermalveillance.gouv.fr related to teleworking for employers can be followed to ensure the cybersecurity of the teams and, therefore, that of the organization.

Good practices to adopt for data protection

Here are some additional tips to follow to protect your data when working remotely :

  • Protect network access;
  • Update your computer;
  • Lock your computer when you are absent;
  • Use a screen cover in public;
  • Back up your data every day.

Tools to facilitate teleworker mobility

Everything has been done to ensure that the employee’s working conditions are optimal at home. However, there remains an important point to address: that of mobility.

Travel in good conditions if necessary

Few companies offer 100% remote positions.

During face-to-face working days, taking into account employee mobility issues will bring advantages to all parties (company and employees).

In order to make these restrictive moments more acceptable, employees can be supported thanks to the Mobility Ticket: a single card for payment of travel-related costs in a system exempt from charges and capped at €500.

Teleworking is possible even away from home

Finally, even if the best tools for teleworking have been put in place, if the conditions are not met at home (too much noise, no suitable space, etc.), teleworking will be unproductive, if not impossible.

Solutions also exist to allow employees who cannot work remotely from home to do so in optimal conditions.

Here are some ideas for peaceful teleworking :

  • Opt for coworking in a third location
  • Rent an apartment for the occasion
  • Rent a free office in a large company.

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