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What Is PaaS And Why Use It?

The digitization of companies has almost imposed itself on you. To respond to this, you have new IT projects such as the development of applications and/or software to manage new emerging and important needs as quickly as possible. However, you need a budget that you are not necessarily prepared for. However, the more time passes, the more your competitors gain ground. Worry no more cloud solutions exist for you.

Our experts provide you with a collaborative environment whose implementation will help solve your IT problems at a very reasonable cost. This is Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) .

PaaS is an IT solution that offers cloud hosting and the tools necessary for the design and development of your operating software and/or your applications. The solution from our partner Microsoft Azure is one of these PaaS-type solutions.

What is PaaS? What are the advantages? What are the PaaS applications and technologies?

PaaS (Platform as a Service): what is it?

PaaS is a platform made available to companies by Cloud. On this platform, there are hosted service providers that provide you with tools and materials that you need to design and operate an application or development software. This service is subject to payment (fee) which may be monthly or annual.

This fee is just a flat rate calculated to take into account the storage space granted to you. IT infrastructures are managed by your supplier.

What are the benefits of PaaS?

PaaS has the merit of providing an ideal solution that fully meets the needs of businesses at an almost free cost .

Companies have the advantage of creating all IT resources in one place, in particular computerized invoices; business management software; after-sales tracking applications; Customer Relations and other applications necessary for the management and proper functioning of their business.

The implementation of this platform offers the advantage to companies of reducing their operating expenses with regard to the maintenance of IT infrastructures.

Between the intention and the realization, if the time is too long, the company can be overtaken by its competitors. Hence the importance of this PaaS platform which solves a crucial problem which is the substantial reduction of the time required for the design and implementation of the IT project.

PaaS reduces the risk of recurrent loss of application or software data control.

What are the PaaS technologies and applications to adopt?

The implementation of PaaS makes some companies discover their real dimensions and their roles. Thus, when using PaaS , they will have to use the following applications:

  • API development and management
  • ​​Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Master Data Management
  • Internet of Things
  • Databases

However, there is technology that underpins the feasibility of implementing these applications. Cloud infrastructure brings together all the sub-sector technologies that are deployed by the cloud, in particular the servers, the network infrastructures, the various operating systems as well as the intermediary software for managing your databases. Programming languages, libraries and other modern tools are at your service.

Cloud has not finished surprising you. It’s time for your company to take advantage of all its wonders in order to drastically reduce your IT maintenance costs and/or IT resource acquisition costs. We are in the age of digitalization.

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