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Visibility Through SEO: Optimized Texts Are Only One Factor

Optimized visibility on search engines is an essential success factor for companies on the Internet. Correspondingly great importance is attached to sophisticated search engine optimization better known under the English name SEO for “Search Engine Optimization”.

However, many do not know that SEO is a very complex discipline in which it is not only important to include as many keywords as possible in your text. That may have been the case in the beginning, but is no longer the sole criterion for success.

Working with experts is becoming more and more important because as a person with a focus on your own business you often don’t have the time to take care of all SEO activities. An agency can help particularly well because often all the threads of search engine optimization are held in hand. For example, an SEO agency in Cologne is the right choice for all companies from NRW. Basically, most agencies work regardless of location anyway.

But why should you definitely work with experts and not take search engine optimization into your own hands? But you should know that the difficulty has increased significantly in recent years.

Google & Co Are Getting Smarter

The reason for the need for further supportive measures lies in the fact that the artificial intelligence behind the search engines is also becoming more and more sophisticated. Google in particular is a pioneer in this field and, as the market leader in the field of search engines, should also be the focus of attention in every SEO strategy.

Due to this further development, Google can definitely identify which texts were only put online for crude SEO purposes and thus carry out a quality analysis. It is simply not as easy to outsmart a search engine as it was 10 years ago.

Various Factors Determine The Success

Other factors that have a measurable impact on the ranking include the user-friendliness of the site (usability) as well as user satisfaction and positive experience with the website (user experience). You can easily achieve these factors if you’re using any of today’s top eCommerce website builders as they offering these key features to their users. Newcomers can initially rent a website in order to be well-positioned in this regard.

Search histories of real users with all data records, such as their length of stay on sub-pages, etc. are also included in the evaluation. It also matters what links the brand has with other respected websites and how well your branding works.

The aim of the company should therefore be to link their name directly in the mind of the customer with the associated product because brand search queries such as “Tempo handkerchiefs” also ensure that the ranking moves upwards and establish themselves on Google & Co.

Customer Satisfaction Is The Top Priority

Ideally, search engine optimization is not so much about the algorithm as the user. So you not only work actively on the brand building but also consistently focus on the needs of your own users in the long term.

Because even the best online presence will only help you as a company if the product or service that is sold also offers the promised quality and produces satisfied customers.

With positive comments and personal recommendations, these, in turn, ensure increased traffic and new search queries, which, with the help of the technical measures taken, ideally link to your digital offer without detours.

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