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5 Online Marketing Keys To Sell More

Getting customers to your online store or eCommerce is not easy and turning them into customers is an even more difficult step. That is why it is very important to keep in mind every key day for online commerce in your digital marketing strategy.

If you have an online store or a digital business, you will know how difficult it is to attract customers to it and, even more so, to get them to buy. But there are always a series of techniques that can help you achieve your goals. Do you know which ones they are?

1. Focus On The Key Days

Yes, I know, making sales is not easy, especially when you are starting, but believe me that on important days people are more predisposed to buy.

And do you know what are those important days that if you have an eCommerce you cannot forget?

  • Black Friday
  • Singles Day
  • Cyber Monday
  • Giving Tuesday
  • Good night
  • wise men
  • Sales (Summer and Christmas)
  • Blue Monday
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Father’s day
  • Mother’s Day
  • World Singles Day
  • Giving Tuesday (special for NGOs)

It is important that you plan your digital marketing campaigns for all these days in advance and offer something really interesting for the consumer to decide to buy from you.

2. Have An Online Store Focused On Sales

It is important to attract traffic to your website, but what happens when your potential buyer enters your website? It must be accessible and take great care of the purchase process: simple, intuitive, fast, and easy. And totally focused on conversion.

How Can You Get A Website Focused On Selling?

  • Having a simple and very usable website.
  • Taking care of the texts on your website: focus on copywriting and storytelling.
  • Putting facilities in the payment: it offers different payment methods (Paypal, card, transfer.)
  • Remember that more and more people are buying through mobile phones, is your eCommerce optimized to buy from a smartphone?
  • Don’t go crazy on shipping costs – you can get your purchase rejected.
  • Always have the cart visible and offer a cross-purchase to drop more than one product.

3. Email Marketing Is Your Main Ally

Did you know that email marketing is the favorite tool of the main e-commerce? 92.3% use this simple and effective marketing technique if you do it correctly.

What can you do in your email marketing campaigns to make your campaigns perform better?

  • Offer offers/discounts/advantages for your subscribers.
  • Give free shipping.
  • Choose the subject very carefully, it depends on what the mail will be!
  • Customize the offers according to the type of subscribers (the more data you have about them, the better)
  • Test, analyze, and improve. Take several tests and play with the best results.
  • Don’t be annoying: receiving several emails a day or every day is not cool, it is tiring.
  • Offer free stuff to your subscribers and redirect them to your website. I’m not saying that you give away your product or service, but it offers a guide on what type of skirt suits you or a free checklist so that you don’t miss a gift this Christmas, and that to see/read it they have to go to your online store or your blog.
  • Be close in emails, personalize fields with the name and conquer with the word.

4. Optimize The RRSS

Social networks are becoming more effective and investment in social media campaigns is increasing. In 2018, Paid Media on Social Networks during the Black Friday campaign was the one that grew the most (33.3% compared to the previous year).

But in specific campaigns, carrying out advertising campaigns within the social networks themselves, especially on Facebook and Instagram, can be a great investment and achieve great results.

What can you do to stand out and optimize them to the maximum?

  • Offer very attractive promotions and offers that are worth it. These days we all undergo a boom in promotions and offers, make yours stand out.
  • Use remarketing. If you have the Facebook pixel installed on your website, you can send old visitors offers of the products they have visited. Don’t miss the opportunity to do it!
  • Try Social Shopping, that is, buy directly from the social network. It is a functionality already offered by Instagram and Facebook. In this way, the potential customer does not have to leave their preferred social network to buy from you.
  • Create campaigns focused on selling: use the Facebook Ads Manager functionalities to choose the sale (conversion) as the campaign type. You are more interested in being bought than being liked or followed.
  • Take care of the image. If it does not enter through the eyes, you lose the opportunity. You have a few seconds to get the user’s attention and make them notice you.
  • Don’t forget the texts and the importance of words. They are optimal dates to use the magic words of copywriting (free, limited units, now, offer, gift, secret, enjoy.)

5. Google Ads or Google Campaigns

These types of campaigns are not suitable for everyone since to achieve results you have to invest a minimum amount of € 30 per day and for small online stores, it is an investment that cannot always be allowed.

Of course, if you dare and launch into Google Ads, you should know that the results can be very positive to achieve brand awareness, traffic to your website, and sales. What you should be clear about is that the cost per sale should not exceed your profit from that sale.

What can you do to make your Google ads work better?

  • Increase investment on designated dates.
  • Customize the titles of the ads and add the keywords such as Black Friday or Sales.
  • Add promo extensions to your ads so you can add more text to your ads.
  • Use copywriting on all ads – say your best in a nutshell.
  • Do not forget to use the magic and urgency words such as limited units, last chance, take advantage of the unique offer.
  • Add site link extensions to target specific products or offers.

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