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The Organization Of Documents Is Key At The Time Of Audits

Summer is a great time to carry out all those tasks that due to lack of time we are postponing throughout the year. One such typical task is organizing documentation.

Docuware Strengths

Let’s review some of DocuWare’s strengths that make it stand out from its competitors in the market. We will focus on its potential to facilitate audit processes.

Motivates transparency in operations

It’s very easy to track who processed each transaction, who approved the payment, who has viewed the document since it was filed, and much more.

Helps check the effectiveness of internal drivers

Working with an organized system of digital documents demonstrates its operational efficiency and the security of its procedures. In addition, it promotes compliance with current legislation, as we have already mentioned.

Guarantees comprehensive protection for all documents

This includes compliance with intellectual property regulations. DocuWare Cloud is a secure storage system. It secures information that should not be lost, stolen, or compromised in any way.

Protects information against viruses and any malware

Thanks to Microsoft Azure, DocuWare recognizes contaminated documents from the outset, which could not be archived. Even if a new malware was archived, it would never contaminate the rest of the documents. It would not have access to the corresponding database.

Facilitates the evaluation of the use of resources

This guarantees the identification of expenses that could be saved. The result of the audit can speed up the evaluation of profits and losses. This can help you make decisions regarding the prices of your business object and other related matters.

DocuWare creates a digital audit trail for every financial transaction

This ensures that balance sheets, cash flow, and expense and profit reports are accurate. In addition to containing a date and time stamp with the record of who carried out each step of the process, as we have already seen.

Protects companies from fraud and theft, including by employees

When the auditors detect a suspicious transaction, they can obtain all the related documents. For example purchase orders, invoices and other proof that determine its validity. This is especially tricky when verifying cash transactions.

DocuWare Cloud secures your documents in case of natural disasters

Ensure business continuity thanks to backups with redundant data stored in different countries. This ensures that the documentation remains available after an unforeseeable event.

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