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The New Normal In Teleworking After The Coronavirus What Does 2021 Hold For Us?

The pandemic has revolutionized the ways of working and has led to a forced transformation in record time by most companies.

However, this change is here to stay. What will the new normal at work be like? Let’s see the main predictions for this year.

The world will never be the same again in 2021

It is clear that with the long-awaited new normal and with a vaccine that achieves the so-called herd immunity, the world will no longer be the same.

The experience working from home during all these months has changed the mindset of employees and business organizations. Although there is that part that prefers the previous modality with a daily commute because they lived close to the office, and with arrival and departure times interacting with their colleagues on a daily basis, most of the staff and families are aware of the multiple advantages that offer to telecommute.

Undoubtedly, companies are going to radically change their infrastructure, becoming totally virtual. The technology is ready enough to offer the best collaborative management experience from anywhere and at any time.

Video conferencing and collaborative work solutions such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Slack, are the most common tools for daily work. The number of subscriptions skyrocketed at the beginning of the pandemic and they have not stopped growing, both in offices, as well as in schools and other large organizations.

Let’s see the main changes.

Trends in Teleworking after COVID-19

Videoconferencing is the most

Microsoft recently published a report called Labor trends in teleworking, in which through different surveys it has inquired about work behavior on how users interact with their tools. From the study, they have extracted that:

People find the human connection through video

Touching and physical connection increases dopamine and lowers stress levels. Since social relations are basically at a distance, the number of connections via videoconferencing has increased considerably. At the beginning of the pandemic, it increased by 1000% , and now it is practically implanted.

Users already connect in multiple ways

Virtual meetings are part of the daily lives of workers and executives and recordings of events and conferences are also offered in streaming or recorded.

Work hours are more flexibles

Working hours are becoming more and more flexible and everything indicates that they continue to be implemented in this way according to the profile and according to the needs of each employee.

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