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The Benefits Of Online Advertising

There is a myth that advertising is limited for large corporations , that only those companies with ample capital and many resources can do it. This is actually false. At least it ceased to be true when the internet made an appearance .

And it is that the arrival of the internet allowed us to create a new type of advertising, online advertising which is much cheaper and easier to measure. That is why today, for you entrepreneur or small business owner, we will tell you about the benefits offered by the use of digital advertising.

How is online advertising done?

If you’ve ever seen an ad before for a YouTube video or a Paid Post on Facebook or Promoted Stories on Instagram , well, that’s online advertising. Actually, there are tons of types like Google Ads , Promoted Tweets , etc.

Advertising online is very simple, since there are platforms of the same social networks or search engines that help you make these ads. For example, we have Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager and more. Also, learning how to advertise on the internet , for example, on social networks, is easier than you think.

6 benefits of online advertising

1) You can measure it

When you put a billboard in the middle of a road, there is no way of knowing how many cars actually saw it, what the people who saw it look like, etc. In online advertising this is not the case.

Here it is possible to know the characteristics of the people who saw your ad, know their age, gender, where they saw it, if they clicked, among other data.

Basically it gives us the possibility to make much more precise measurements of our ads using KPIS that other media do not offer.

2) You have access to many ad formats

One of the great advantages of digital ads is the fact that you have so many options or ad formats . The most basic are the text ones , like the ones that appear in the first Google search results.

Another popular option is images which are static and can be placed at high flow points. Videos , on the other hand, are considered the best format for online advertising . In fact, its influence is such that today we find a variant of digital marketing known as Video Marketing .

3) They go well with any company

Before, the ads seemed to be limited to certain companies or to certain types of business, today this is not the case. Virtually any company, organization or person can use online advertising as a means to make themselves known and position themselves in the market .

From small online stores to large international companies, from independent artists to politicians, they have used online advertising as a way to grow. This is thanks to how versatile and adaptable this type of content and format is, which works well for any type of business regardless of its line of business or size.

4) They are very accessible

Another great advantage of online advertising is that it is much more accessible than other forms of advertising . A TV ad, for example, can cost thousands of dollars while a Facebook ad starts at a dollar a day.

This means that today, more and more companies can access online advertising without having to spend so much money . Also, if you know how to create ads properly, you can have a very high return on investment ; just imagine, you invest 10 dollars and sell 100. The return is x10!

5) There are for many objectives

If you look in Facebook Ads Manager, you can see that there are a lot of goals for your ads . For example, you can find goals focused on website traffic , outreach , lead generation, and many, many more.

This way, you can choose a goal that aligns with your business and marketing goals . For example, if you want more people to download your app you can choose the downloads objective, if you want to generate leads then you can use the leads objective. Beware, this only applies to Facebook ads.

6) You can make them yourself

Finally, you should know that one of the great advantages is that you can do your online advertising yourself. Although it is necessary to have some knowledge in both digital marketing and design , there is nothing that you cannot solve.

Today on the internet there is a lot of information, courses, guides and more that will help you make your own ad campaigns . You don’t have to be a marketing graduate to learn how to make ads, thanks to the wealth of resources available at the click of a button.

What should I take into account when making an online ad?

Making a good announcement or online advertising is no coincidence, for this there are 3 factors that must be taken into account. Here we will tell you what each of them is about to have the best quality in your ads .

  • Graphic design: the design of the ad turns out to be very important, since it will determine how attractive our ad will be . We definitely recommend having a graphic designer on your team , as you will also need your logo to brand your ads . If you don’t have one click here to try the logo maker .
  • Budget and time: Many digital marketing experts recommend considering both budget and time for best results . And it is that, according to studies, an ad will not have the same performance if you put it for 3 days than for 15.
  • Target market: Finally, you should know that the target market is perhaps the cornerstone of any good digital ad. Defining your market or audience is very important, for this you must take into account points such as age, location, tastes, preferences, among other points to consider.
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