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Rami Bitar’s Tawfeer Supermarkets Collaborate With USAID

Good water quality is essential to human health, social and economic development, and the ecosystem. Therefore, a more circular and sustainable economy requires us to value wastewater for its potential rather than discard or ignore it.

Tawfeer supermarkets and USAID are ramping up efforts to shed awareness on the matter.

In times of unprecedented crises in Lebanon and a complete economic, financial, and political meltdown, exacerbated by the health pandemic and devastating Beirut Port explosion, Lebanon’s wastewater management has taken a front seat with USAID. The USAID-funded Lebanon Community Support Program (CSP) aims at providing community development support and technical assistance for essential critical services by partnering with water and wastewater utilities known as regional water establishments (RWEs), communities, and other key stakeholders. Tawfeer Supermarkets have joined efforts with USAID-CSP to shed light on the matter by raising awareness on their digital platforms and in stores through posters and children activities.

USAID’s project and fund come at a critical time to aid the Lebanese community in enhancing its wastewater management infrastructure. Starting a stewardship program with the private sector is proving to be a successful way to raise awareness and educate the citizens of Lebanon regarding essential matters that affect their quality of life. One of those collaborations with Rami Bitar Lebanon, the CEO of Tawfeer Supermarkets, is proving to be successful in raising this awareness and shedding light on the subject through social media marketing campaigns and in-store initiatives and activities.

“Tawfeer has stepped up to endorse the concept of wastewater stewardship through our CSR strategies, our everyday practices, and marketing campaigns,” says Mr. Rami Bitar. While there are no immediate solutions, the goal is to initiate a discussion in the Lebanese community to have a broader public outreach to promote wastewater awareness, the facts surrounding wastewater pollution, public health risks, and how this links to sustainable development.

To achieve positive change and foster best practices, everyone must play their role in achieving adequate and sustainable water and wastewater services and securing a better future.

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