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Sustainable Success: Three Advantages Of A Smart Digital Transformation

The various restrictions and limitations as part of the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in major changes for companies at the beginning of the year. In a global survey by Micro Focus, 40 percent of IT decision makers surveyed said they prioritized their digital transformation amid the pandemic. 60 percent also stated that they wanted to achieve the necessary changes in the next 12 months. It is important to build a bridge between the old and the new and to modernize existing infrastructures instead of completely overhauling them.

Optimized processes for a faster workflow

When companies are faced with major challenges, it is promising to make all processes as efficient as possible. Digital transformation can enable an expanded IT strategy as well as new capacities and workflows. For example, applications can ship faster and IoT analytics can drive smart manufacturing to reduce costs. Performance testing also enables errors to be identified and corrected more quickly. In the future, it must be ensured that all employees can access the necessary applications – from anywhere. Both customers and employees benefit from this. Optimized processes help IT security departments by saving time Monitor policies and improve endpoint encryption. The experts can thus identify dangers more quickly and prevent them.

Profitable insights for better recommendations for action

Due to the advancing digitization and the rapidly increasing shift of life into the digital space, companies are confronted with a growing flood of information. Possible new technologies and approaches that could be used in data evaluation are artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). In order to assert themselves on the market in the future, companies must understand their customers better. This enables them to identify promising new business models, implement them and thus increase their own sales. In addition, the way of communicating with customers can be revolutionized: Chatbots, for example, enable the use of digital platforms to address customers directly. Smart digital transformation can help

Greater flexibility for the best possible performance

The integration of innovative technologies into everyday business life as part of the smart digital transformation enables a new type of flexibility in terms of both storage capacities and IT infrastructures. Nowadays, employees work from anywhere – purely on-site solutions are therefore becoming increasingly rare. As a result, IT experts are confronted with hybrid IT infrastructures that produce a large amount of data. Flexibility therefore plays a role not only in the context of the possible provision of applications, but also in relation to storage and recovery capacities: A combination of modern systems and recourse to existing IT infrastructures is required.

The key to long-term success: Smart digital transformation

The declared goal is to make your own company strong and resilient to crises. Today’s technical aids bring decisive advantages and should not simply be skilfully ignored. Especially when established corporate structures want to make their core business systems crisis-proof, they should perhaps refrain from a rip-and-replace strategy. A better approach is often to modernize the applications, processes and infrastructure – the path to long-term success.

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