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Six Basics For Public Speaking

Many of you get nervous when doing an oral presentation, whether in class, in an auditorium, etc. And, getting the public’s attention from the beginning to the end is not an easy task, let alone if the subject is complex! But I’m going to tell you one thing: those nerves, fears, and insecurities are inside your head. There is no “real” danger when making an exhibition. That’s why I leave you a few tips to make your presentation perfect and leave your audience with a good taste in your mouth. wink

I start at the beginning. What is an oral presentation? Easy right? An oral presentation, conference or presentation, is to speak in public about a particular topic on which information has previously been collected.

Once the concept is clarified, and before I start with the tips, I will show you some of the errors that make your presentation ineffective:

Prepare your exhibition

It is something basic, but one that is often overlooked. Realize that you cannot talk about a topic if you are not informed about it. What you are going to tell, understand. If you don’t understand it, how will others understand it?

  • Don’t forget to make an introduction. You know ideally what you will talk about, but your audience does not; LOCATE THEM. Remember that it is not the same to do an exhibition for a class as for a congress; ADAPT the content and the language to the audience that will listen to you.
  • Similarly, add the conclusion. Collect at the end those ideas that are most important. It is proven that what most holds the audience is the beginning and end of the presentation; PREPARE these two parts of the production with special care.
  • Keep in mind the allotted time and try to adjust what you want to count within that range, leaving a few minutes for questions at the end. In the presentation, he talks about those most important aspects and gives references in case they want to expand the information; he thinks that if you provide them with a lot of information in a short time, they could not assimilate it and get lost and disconnect.
  • Vocalize and speak slowly; there is no rush: Jabbering will only show that you are nervous and want to go home. Use short pauses from time to time (three seconds or so), and it will allow you to take a deep breath and reorder your ideas while your audience will be thinking, what comes next? It’s an excellent way to keep your attention going.
  • Try to make the presentation as enjoyable as possible and avoid reading, as it will appear that you have not prepared the exhibition.

Make a script

Imagine that your script is a whole page written on both sides. How are you going to find out where you are and what is next? This script may have some annotations about details that you should not forget. It should be simple and contain the minimum. However, if it is clean and straightforward, with a quick visual, you will be able to know where you are and what point to play next.

Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse

Whether in front of a mirror, family, friends… And if possible, they do not know the subject. If they have learned something at the end of your presentation, it will be an excellent sign. Even Steve Jobs spent hours and hours rehearsing his exhibitions to make them a success. On stage, it seems that everything flows naturally and efficiently, but in reality, everything is the result of a script that has been thoroughly studied and rehearsed.

Support material, yes, but simple

An image can add more meaning than a slide full of text. Also, if your drop is full of lyrics, the audience will be more focused on reading everything written than on listening to you. Ask yourself what is the meaning of you talking if you already give it all in writing. You have to contribute something else, do not let the support material take away your prominence.

You have invested time and effort in preparing your exhibition. Let others see the result!

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