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What Training To Work On The Internet?

You dream of working on the Internet. It remains to choose the proper training, whether you change jobs or choose your course after leaving the baccalaureate. Master in business creation in Paris, master of commerce, or bachelor management? Whatever the route, take the time to select the proper training!

Working on the Internet, a master’s degree in business creation

Are you overflowing with ideas for working on the Internet? Aim for a master’s degree in business creation in Paris or the provinces, and bring your project to life! This training is intended for holders of the first year of a master’s degree or equivalent, and it aims to train creators and business buyers or project managers. A trendy profile for working on the Internet, whatever the sector!

Work on the Internet, master’s degree in commerce

A master’s degree in commerce in Paris or elsewhere is a level 1 state diploma. In other words, a university education will allow you to work on the Internet after five years of study. Better? It is available on a work-study basis, in continuing education, for people continuing their studies, working, or looking for a job! Focused on the business, the master’s degree in commerce combines economics, human resources, and business management or strategy.

Working on the Internet, the bachelor management

The bachelor in management is a post-baccalaureate diploma over three years, with an international and professional dimension. To work on the Internet, such training will offer you knowledge equivalent to that of a master’s degree in commerce: management, business creation… Its specificity? Training through action! The bachelor’s degree in management in Paris or elsewhere supports you within an operational professional project consisting of seminars, workshops, interviews, and internships.

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