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Online Marketing: Your Strategy For Success

What is Online Marketing?

Digital online marketing management is about designing advertising measures and marketing methods that you need to achieve your business goals. Analogue forms of customer communication and usual marketing channels are no longer sufficient to get users enthusiastic about your company and your products. This is especially true for the young generation. She is almost exclusively online . Some areas of online marketing include email marketing, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing and social media marketing.

That is why you should take the dictum “ online first ” seriously and take measures for your online presence, e.g. B. with the help of an online marketing agency. As a founder, this helps you to take or expand your place in the market. This is the only way to give your business idea a chance to grow and at the same time ensure its dissemination.

Online marketing in detail

The term “online marketing” therefore defines the implementation of marketing measures within online media for companies. The focus of your online marketing strategy should therefore be on a sustainable communication policy and an efficient product and sales policy, e.g. B. with the help of online shops. As in classic marketing, pricing also plays an important role in online marketing.

The term internet marketing or digital marketing is often used online. No matter which term you use, it is always about the best possible sales and the branding of your company on the Internet. People – whether consumers or business customers – use the Internet to search for potential synergies, information and products. Your company management must therefore pursue the following goals :

  • It must be discoverable
  • Position yourself professionally
  • know the touchpoints of the target group ,
  • Convince and retain potential customers as well as
  • Generate growing sales .
  • The most important areas of online marketing are display marketing , email marketing , search engine marketing , affiliate marketing and social media marketing.

A look back at the analogue world of advertising

Founders like you are today have always tried to draw attention to themselves and their company with advertising and marketing campaigns . Magazines began appearing in the mid-18th century, and a century later entrepreneurs placed their advertisements on posters and billboards. The term marketing only developed in the 20th century . The following channels were used for this:

  • Radio
  • Print media
  • Tv

Those classic advertising channels used so-called push marketing , which drew customers’ attention to products or services with posters and flyers, for example. It is only in the past three decades that entrepreneurs have become more and more aware of the dialogue with customers . This was expressed in a significant change in marketing. With Web 2.0 and the start of social media, perfect interaction between customers and companies finally came about.

Push and pull marketing as equal tools

Company founders like you should currently familiarize themselves with two online marketing tools: push and pull marketing . Both are used with the aim of successfully introducing a product or service to the market. The method of push marketing within online marketing describes classic corporate advertising such as advertising banners on websites.

Pull marketing is completely different: It builds online on excellent content marketing that wants to satisfy the user and his content-related wishes. As a founder, you can always offer new stimuli with the help of online marketing campaigns to generate customers.

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Online Marketing and its Development

The fact is, the wheel did not have to be reinvented for this. Whether online or offline, marketing experts initially simply transferred familiar advertising measures to the new medium of the Internet . Tools for target group analysis and programs for data collection were added. This resulted in new communication channels and exciting instruments such as e.g. B. SEO online marketing (search engine marketing) for search engine optimization.

Define KPIs and goals

Why online marketing? For you as a founder, it is immensely important to answer this question as a marketer. You have a huge pool of opportunities to optimize customer contact or to build a relationship in the first place. Therefore you have to develop a precise online marketing concept for your newly founded company and use so-called Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). For online marketing, KPIs are key indicators that serve as targets. They depict successes and failures so that you can better control your internal processes and, if necessary, optimize them again and again.

Here are some examples of relevant KPIs:

  • Page Impressions – Number of pages viewed per visitor
  • Traffic – visitors to a website
  • Leads (e.g. inquiries via an online form or registration for the newsletter)
  • Number of orders via an online shop
  • Cost per click
  • Cost per lead
  • Cost per sale

Goals after starting a Business and more

Before you develop a concept as an entrepreneur, you should ask yourself what potential the internet offers for you and your company? Do you belong to those who are satisfied with a website or do you want a professional web presence ? Because the latter is the basis for further marketing goals with which you can achieve sales and thus a satisfactory conversion rate . Within online marketing you should pursue these goals:

  • For professional branding – increase brand awareness
  • More leads for better customer acquisition
  • Focus on customer loyalty by using social media feedback
  • Increase reach and open up new markets
  • Improving the employer brand and recruiting employees

Online Marketing Tools

In online marketing, you use various tools to design a successful strategy for your company. Good content and SEO measures always play a central role. Which other instruments make sense for you depends on your target group and your business idea. Here is an overview:

  • Email marketing: Sending newsletters and offers enables direct contact with customers.
  • Content Marketing: Creating and distributing high-quality text, images, and videos to educate audiences and encourage purchase. W-question tools are a great help to find out what moves your target group.
  • Search engine marketing (SEM): Search engine marketing is about search engine optimization measures and search engine advertising. The aim is, for example, to optimize the ranking on Google.
  • Search engine advertising (SEA): for this purpose, e.g. B. Advertisements placed. You only have to pay when the user clicks on it.
  • Affiliate marketing: With the help of cooperation partners, advertising banners and links are placed on their websites, which lead to your website when clicked. This is how you increase your reach.
  • Viral marketing: here there is a combination of various marketing channels, mostly in combination with social media. This type of ad or content is designed to grab attention and be shared.
  • Referral Marketing: This recommendation system also uses social media to disseminate advertising claims. This is how branding succeeds with the help of your customers.
  • Remarketing: with this measure, you record the interests and wishes of your potential customers in as much detail as possible. You are addressing customers who have already been to your website or online shop but have not completed the purchase. The goal is to get them to do it.

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