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Most Popular IT jobs

Jobs in the IT industry are in great demand and often well paid. In the past, there was definitely room for career changers. However, this is constantly decreasing due to the professional branches. This makes professional training all the more important. We introduce you to the most popular IT jobs and their training path.

IT system electronics technician

An IT system electronics technician takes care of the planning and installation of IT systems and components. For example networks, PCs, or VoIP telephone systems. In addition, IT system electronics specialists also take care of the correct setup and commissioning of the systems. In the event of errors, they are the first point of contact for employees in large companies or for customers and they take care of the rapid elimination of errors. This also includes employee training in dealing with new systems.

Training path: IT system electronics technician is a recognized training occupation. It can be acquired within three years as part of an apprenticeship. In addition, purely school-based training is possible.

IT Specialist

The profession of IT specialist can be completed in two areas: IT specialist for application development or for system integration. As an IT specialist, you acquire extensive knowledge in developing complex IT systems. IT specialists also regularly program-specific interfaces for individually designed systems.

Training path: The training to become an IT specialist for application development or system integration takes a total of three years and is officially recognized.

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IT clerk

The IT clerks are at work at several important pivotal points. You are primarily responsible for purchasing and managing IT systems. In doing so, pay particular attention to the specific requirements of the system as well as the users, who will also train you later. IT specialists are also responsible for the profitability of the investment.

Training path: The training to become an IT clerk takes a total of three years and is state-recognized.

IT systems clerk

Similar to IT clerks, IT systems clerks act in numerous sub-areas. You are not only responsible for the conception and implementation of IT systems for the customer, but also plan training courses for new components. In addition, IT systems clerks are actively involved in sales and act, for example, in the development of marketing strategies in order to establish new products or services.

Training path: The training to become an IT system clerk is state-approved and takes three years.

Software developer

Software developers work in all processes involved in the creation of a new application, from the conception to the definition of the user interfaces to the programming of the functionality. There is no direct training opportunity to become a software developer, but further training to become a software developer is often possible based on training as an IT specialist. Software developers are far more likely to have completed a degree in computer science or a related degree.

Training path: Further training after training as an IT specialist via the IHK, usually lasting around six months. Alternatively, a degree in computer science or a comparable course is completed, which takes around 3.5 years.

Business IT specialist

Business IT specialists are essentially IT specialists who, however, work with an additional knowledge pool from the business sector. This enables you to be able to respond more quickly and specifically to business IT problem situations. The central task of a business informatics specialist is therefore almost always to solve business problems with IT systems.

Training path: The path to becoming a business informatics specialist typically leads through a degree in business informatics, which takes around 3.5 years. Further training to become a business IT specialist is also possible for IT specialists and comparable professions. The average duration of training here is two years.

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