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Cybersecurity: How To Properly Protect Your Professional Email?

To effectively protect your business email, you need to do more than create highly secure passwords.

How can I effectively protect my professional email?

Despite the power of social media, email remains the most powerful engine for acquiring and retaining customers. But your professional email inbox can also be a source of danger. The figures prove that computer intrusions or cyberattacks mostly exploit this channel to access your confidential data. It is therefore in your interest to effectively protect your professional email. Here are 6 tips that will allow you to optimize the security of your professional mailbox.

1. Ensure good management of your email address and your emails

Effective protection of your professional email necessarily requires good management of your emails . You must create several professional email addresses. You cannot use the same address to manage all sections of your activity. In addition to having several email addresses , you must schedule regular cleaning and archiving of your emails . Indeed, unnecessary emails should be deleted. A serious job of sorting and grouping emails must be done upstream.

Adopting these healthy habits for managing your professional email will make it easier to apply the advice that follows.

2. Carry out a permanent monitoring of your professional email

Does the protection of the personal data of your customers, partners and your sensitive messages really concern you? The slightest negligence in the processing of email can have serious repercussions on your business. As the saying goes “prevention is better than cure”. So remember to establish within your company a policy of constant monitoring of the state of your emails . The introduction of such a policy is also essential if you have to manage thousands of e-mails per week. The objective is simple: to detect anomalies and human errors that can harm your business as soon as possible .

You need to comb through all your email. Emails sent, emails received, spam, nothing should be left out. You can entrust this mission to your company’s IT department or to an IT specialist if your structure is not large-scale.

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3. Avoid clicking URL or downloading attachments sent by unknown email address

One of your employees receives an email from the French tax services. Curious to know why such an email is sent to him, he opens it and clicks on the link in it. A few seconds later, your company’s entire computer system is taken hostage by a hacker.

This is a typical example of a cyberattack by email that you must avoid. Email phishing , corporate email hacking, zero-day attacks all have one thing in common. They activate when malware gains access to your computer system via email. The best way to protect your email from such attacks is to promote best practices within your company.

Your team should be made aware of the risks associated with emails from unknown sources. Introduce a strict ban on clicking on the URLs and attachments contained in such emails . For this purpose, each employee within your company must have a list of the email addresses for which he has authorization to access the content.

The implementation of such regulations will allow you to stem the majority of cyberattacks that you will suffer and to ensure better protection of your professional email.

4. Invest in proven email security software

Having solid access codes to the contents of your various mailboxes is not enough to guarantee their security. If you want to rest easy, then use software designed to keep mailboxes secure.

The market today is full of several very effective solutions against spam and phishing. For increased security of your email data, you can choose software that offers a high level of security and is constantly updated.

Hackers are perfecting their techniques every day. The email protection tool you should use must also evolve in security levels and effectiveness. It can also be used to improve the security of your internal corporate network .

5. Use a Reliable Email Hosting Service

Do you know that free email hosting services suffer from cyberattacks  quite frequently ? They are also very prone to spam. If you really want to secure your email inbox, you should avoid using them . Instead, opt for paid and reliable hosting services .

Beyond the professional impression they bring to your business, paid hosting services provide better protection for your mail and sensitive data . So, for better backup and privacy of your emails, choose a professional email hosting service that is paid and reliable.

6. Collaborate with ethical hackers

Not all computer geniuses are evil. Some put their expertise at the disposal of companies so that they provide better protection for their computer system.

If your company’s emails are particularly sensitive and you want to secure them in the best way possible, you can work with an ethical hacker . Thanks to it, you will quickly detect any flaws in your mailbox and correct them . It can also ensure a more thorough and long-term monitoring of your professional messaging.

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