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How Does Skype Work?

There are various programs that enable “telephoning” on the PC. By far the most attractive application for this is Skype. Tech today reviews show you what to do in order to be able to make calls, send SMS or send files with Skype.

Where can I Download Skype?

In order to use Skype, you must first install the application on your PC. You can download the software itself directly from the developers free of charge. It is available in different language versions.

How do I Set up a Skype Account?

Once Skype is installed, the application will usually start automatically. You can now log in. If you do not have a Skype account yet, you must click on “Create a new Skype account”.

Fill in all relevant fields during the registration process. Provide as much information as possible so that others can find you. Finally choose a user name, after which the registration is over. Then Skype starts and you are automatically logged in.

How to Add your Contacts in Skype

  • If your friends, acquaintances, and relatives are already on Skype, they will surely want to get in touch with them. This is also very easy with Skype:
  • Click on “Contacts” in the menu bar above and select “Add contacts” in the tab that opens.
  • Now enter as much information as possible that you know about the desired person. You can use your email address, username, and phone number.
  • Possible hits are shown in the lower part of the window. When the right person is there, click “Add”.
  • You can now send this person a short personal contact request. Until the recipient has confirmed this, it will be shown to you as offline.

How to Call your Skype Contacts

To call someone in your contact list, do the following:

  • Under the Contacts tab, select the person you want to contact.
  • Information on the selected contact is displayed in the main window. Click the green Call button to call your contact.
  • As soon as you have clicked the button, the display changes and you hear a ringtone. Wait until the opposite of you answers the call.

How to Transfer Files in Skype

Sending files is also very easy with Skype. Files can be sent here either via chat or during a phone call. The procedure is similar:

  • In the chat or call window, click the “+” sign
  • Then click on Send file. In the window that opens you can now select the file from your hard drive
  • As soon as your conversation partner or chat partner confirms the file, the transfer begins.

How to Send a Text Message using Skype

  • Right-click on the contact.
  • Now select “Send SMS”.
  • If your contact does not have a mobile phone number, you can add one via “Add phone number”.

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