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How Do I Grow My Business? SEO and SEM

Those entrepreneurs who take the step to digitize their business are undoubtedly betting on increasing sales in the short and long term. There is no doubt that a brand’s presence on the Internet is closely related to its success.

However, not all of them get the expected result. This is largely due to the poor positioning of the company’s website in Google. Compared to the rest of the competing websites, a bad position in the search engine is not a positive thing. The consequences are clear: very few visits to your website, which leads to few purchases on it.

For a website to be well-positioned on the first page of Google results (par excellence, it is almost the only profitable option), it is necessary to opt for two possible ways: SEO and SEM positioning.

SEO Positioning

In digital marketing strategies, positioning is basic. The positioning in Google of a web page determines its level of competitiveness. If it appears in the first search results, the web page has a high performance, and you will get more benefits. On the contrary, not appearing on the first page is already a dire consequence.

A famous phrase circulates on the Internet says: “If you don’t appear on Google, you don’t exist.” We could clarify a little more and adjust it because if you don’t appear on the first page of results, you don’t exist.

There is a Google statistic according to the results pages that users consult. And it barely reaches 5% of user clicks from the second page.

Percentage of traffic on Google :

  • Page 1: 91.5% clicks
  • Page 2: 4.8% clicks
  • Page 3: 1.1% clicks
  • Page 4: 0.4% clicks
  • Page 5: 0.2% clicks
  • Page 6: 0.2% clicks
  • Page 7: 0.1% clicks
  • Page 8: 0.1% clicks
  • Page 9: 0.1% clicks
  • Page 10: 0.1% clicks

The way to counteract a bad positioning in a Google search is through SEO positioning. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involves a series of actions aimed at improving the positioning of a website in the results of search engines such as Google or Bing. This is achieved through the structure and metadata of a web page and the contents to make them more relevant to user searches.

SEO is achieved naturally and organically, without resorting to advertising campaigns. This is done through the indexing done by the so-called “web spiders”, which are applications that work for search engines. Web spiders, through indexing, crawl web pages and store keywords in a database.

The interesting thing for someone who wants to optimize the SEO of their website is to work on its structure and content, and apply link building techniques, viral content, etc., where the number of mentions multiplies and the importance of the web grows. . Ideally, you should be one of the top results in search engines for one or more specific keywords.

There are two ways to do SEO:

  • SEO on page (internal): it is all that positioning done within the web itself. To be well-positioned, there are several aspects that you must take into account, such as moderate use of keywords, use of tags (tags) and meta tags (meta tags), optimization of the snippet, use headers in the text (header tags), use of data multimedia (photos, videos …), etc.
  • SEO off-page (external): it is all that positioning done outside the web page, externally. This is done through link building, using inbound links from other websites with a high rate of authority or rating, whether from blogs, forums, social networks, e-commerce, etc. You can also get natural links when other websites link to yours, although it is the most difficult to obtain. It is also interesting to promote engagement, that is, the interaction of users with our page or ourselves on others, through comments on the web and blog or other spaces, such as social networks or forums.

Another way to position a web page is through the use of SEM. The positioning SEM (Search Engine Marketing) serves to position a website in the top results of search engines through advertisements. Through advertisements of various types, they seek to appear in the first results of a search. These results will depend on the bid made for the keywords that are being used in that search. The SEM strategy could also include advertising actions in other formats, such as display ads or social media campaigns. Still, text ads are the main element to prioritize search engine appearances.

The tool to work with SEM in Google is Google Ads. This tool allows several options, such as who should visit you, when and how much you will pay for each click, for using several examples. The most important of all will be deciding what type of searches your ad will show on Google.

Ads are designed above all to attract quality and potential customers. The search of each user will be related to the keywords bid in Ads and will offer the advertisement of your website to all those who search according to your bids.

Google Ads is a tool that allows you to bid on the keywords that you think are necessary so that your ad reaches the most potential customers and makes quality traffic flow to your website. This works especially for e-commerce, both for large companies and for SMEs.

Usually, the cost of the bid is PPC (Pay Per Click), which means that Ads will take money from you for each click made on the ad. We can modify it for a total of money to spend each day, although Ads can help you automatically so that if one day is not spent enough, it is reserved for the next time. You must be very clear about which ad to create and which keywords to bid on since you are only interested in those looking for a product.

Position Your Web And Make Your Business Grow

SEO and SEM positioning are key for your company to get ahead in the face of thousands of competing websites. These two types of positioning make the difference in terms of the number of visits and potential clients for each website.

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